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Rsgoldfast - it's only a minigame

28 Apr 2021 at 00:42

Have you ever gotten mad at a renevant which you wanted to quit? Don't you hate when you're trying to fire cape osrs Abyss Runecraft and you get murdered by a renevant? And here is my thought. The ability to conquer renevants from Level 7 to Level 156 (sorry, I do not know, correct me if I'm incorrect ) Past the Mage Arena where all of the PKer's was.

To start: Talk to Kolodion (yes, he is here) to Begin the Renevant Challenge. After that round, then comes the level 61-100. After that round, you fight the rest of the renevants. In case you have a range level of 70, Kree'arra will come. In case you have a Strength level of 70, Graador will come. In case you've got a Prayer Level of 70, Tsutsaroth will come. In case you've got a Hitpoint level of 70, Zilyana will come. In case you've got all 4, then 1 of these will come randomly.

What's a minigame with no rewards? Well, it's only a minigame. After Kolodion sends you out after you conquer the God Renevant, then you will be in an area similar to the cellar of the Mage Arena. There'll be 4 people standing there. Talk to one of them to get your reward. (do not worry, you can come back and get the others should you overcome the challenge )

If you talk to the guy wearing the Armadyl Armour, then you'll get a Kree'arra Trophy and also an Armadyl Bow. The decoration when rubbed, teleports you to the Armadyl area and enables you to be resistant to Armadyl enemies for 30 minutes. The Armadyl Bow appears like the crystal , just with the emblem of Armadyl. It has special shoots out 5 arrows onto your oppnonent. After 5 turns, the arrows explode, causing massive damage.

Should you Speak to the man in Bandos Armour, You'll Get the Graador Trophy along with a Bandos Battleaxe. The Graador Trophy is much like this Kree'arra Trophy, only it does exactly the Bandos part rather and provides you immunity for buy rs07 fire cape half an hour. The Bandos Battleaxe resembles a Dharok's Greataxe, only more ancient. It is quite havy, so every other turn you can attack. No special however.



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