MMOgrfy: Mmoexp - The fewer points you spend on playmaking

Mmoexp - The fewer points you spend on playmaking

8 Jun 2021 at 21:34

The fewer points you spend on playmaking, the further you are going to nba 2k21 mt coins have to put into shooting and finishing. But we'd advise you to boost your player's ball handling to about 75 overall. If you do not place a lot of points into pass precision, you will have plenty to spend on key stats such as mid-range shot (79), three-point shot (78), free throw (88), and also close captured (87). Pick the takeover badge that you desire the most and you'll have a player who reminds you of this playstyle of Russell Westbrook or even John Wall.

Two-way finisher. Even though most players go with the playmaking shot creator build for guards, there are a number of people who would rather counter that using all the two-way finisher build. For this one, you'll need to be tall and quick, so go together with 6-foot-8 and around 185 pounds. Put the wingspan to 90 inches and you'll have a player who can frustrate your adversary on shield and brute-force his way on the assault. Now that the defense/rebounding segment is sorted, we can start spending points on finishing.

Ideally, your player will probably be helpful at closing shots (87), driving dunk (93), and status dip (94). The advantages of the build are that it will make your player a monster at both defending and rebounding, as well as in some of the finishing facets.

But he will be a bad playmaker and shot. The two-way finisher is possibly a construct that is better to test after you've already played with a playmaking shot creator because this way you'll know how to counter them. Your personality will be like Penny Hardaway and Ben Simmons.

Stretch four. This sort of player has gotten quite meta in the real NBA. Big men nowadays must know how to shoot the ball from mid-range and the three-point location. The stretch four is an offensive build, so your character will be moderate at best when defending. Create a player around 6-foot-8 and reduce the weight down to 185 pounds because he is not likely to have a great presence in the paint. Set their wingspan to 87 inches to aid with his shooting mechanics. Start spending as many things on shooting as you can: mid-range shot (87), three-point shot (86), and buy Nba 2k21 Mt free throw (93).


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