I copied a lebron build and I've yet to see anyone

I copied a lebron build and I've yet to see anyone

On my characters that shoot, however, of course I use the lever since anything which is not right alongside the basket it is really important to be able to Green. I set my Meter to"Shots Just" them on, however, because Real Playerpercent is still better for layups. You do not need to miss a layup which should have been a certain thing because you mis-timed the release and with Real Player % you never will (provided that you don't have horrible driving layup).

What are a few good although uncommon builds in 2k20?

I copied a lebron build and I've yet to see anyone else in park. Pie graph with vertical/speed/strength that is equivalent. Max yellow/blue potential, create defense create offensive and defensive rebounding. That's done take as many features away as you can without sacrificing badges and putting them into green and start tinkering with all the blue/yellow potential. Put wingspan until stamina, and 219 weight is a 70.

The final result will be 20 finishing badges, 23 playmaking, 6 defensive and enjoy 6 shooting. End up using a slashing takeover. The reason you select shooting guard over little forward is you rate creating a shield that is taller than you would as a small forward and get feature points. Your construct can contact dunk momentum dribble. Owing to your height/weight/strength you will bully the hell out of all slashing playmakers and shooting guards and you are too fast for slower forward or bigs to stay up with you.

If you're a good shot and your teammates operate dimer you can consistently green with a 75 mid range and a 68 three. Just be sure you've got elite contact and alley animations and your dunks are straight arm tomahawks. Made this and despite just being an 80 overlooking and overall badges while running the point, I predominate. Nobody can stay in front of me and you can not help or I'll hit on a shot because dimer is running. Men and women try and pre rotate after a while but he's going up for a dunk, once my guy gets room.
More information in www.nba2king.com/

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