NBA 2K fully loads i

NBA 2K fully loads i

Wow, it's possible to even see NBA 2K fully loads in the bottom right corner but you're not permitted to skip the ad. That is awful, but thanks for sharing the link. What will they do next gen we will have a few seconds loading times and when consoles have SSDs. Will they hold you about the"loading / advertisement" display till you've noticed an ad. Hey do that after timeouts. If a person calls a timeout at MyCareer till 5 seconds have passed on to get back to the action you need to wait. And that goddamn forced voice line talking about the"advantages" of Gatorade. That's what water does for us thanks.

Sports games are more sleazy than most F2P cellular games. Product placement, ads, paid loot boxes 60 releases that reuse over 90% of articles from the game and it just goes on and on. The playerbase for all these games are all Stockholm syndromed into it also and will defend these game's practices to their deathbeds. It's sad. The final part is more that the typical console purchasing sports game participant is merely half braindead. Ton's of all bro's out there buy these game boxes and sports games to play. They literally don't care about any of this stuff.

Consider it from their perspective, though. They don't play games and they like the sport. They have friends and they like playing a couple of matches sometimes. They purchase NBA 2K and they play with with it with their buddies. As they don't play many games they don't even notice the issues. There's a big difference between hardcore gamer paying a lot for microtransactions and spending a great deal of cash on games, and a casual player buying a game and enjoying it without spending anything more on it. We should criticize and then the players that are really throwing a great deal of money at these games.

Here is my take on itIf you are going to get long-term commitment to supporting NBA 2K - I get it, that costs money. You will find three (two in how things are done nowadays ) primary possibilities for continued support that could be used:Promotion, Micro Transactions, DLC (I'm speaking more what in the past would be termed an expansion by the way, not here is another blinged out skin for your character customization choices ). The difficulty I have is targeted advertisment when you expect me to pay full price for NBA 2K AND utilize trades AND afterward shard NBA 2K off with DLC's with content.

This is something which Overwatch as NBA 2K got right - mostly (it is micro transaction version does have a couple issues - but because pretty well everything is earnable through drama time it's not a significant issue). I get having merchandise placements and these. The alternative in addressing this, we as customers have can be loudly NOT complain quite loudly until it is fixed, and get the product until it is fixed. It is like training a puppy, rather - we do not provide them treats, if they're bad. If they listen and behave we provide them treats. In the case of media companies etc.. Treats = cash.

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