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  • I don't know what RuneScape gold they are but they're at least likely to include writing a launcher that may work through steam. Steam distributes updates for games on the stage so again you have to have a way to get the upgrade. Not impossible tasks although not 5 ones. And you've got to ask, what would it perform? Sure being in steam could increase visibility of RuneScape, but does it
    need it? Runescape's problem is not that people haven't heard of RuneScape - it's that people don't want to play with it. Even individuals who have never played an MMORPG in their life have heard of runescape.
    The issue is getting them to play, would that be helped by being on things like steam? But it's not sure. I might be speaking out of my ass here, however, steam has games using their launchers. The RuneScape client has its own launcher without a user interface. They'd just have to have the wrapper on steam/epic, which would just need to get upgraded when there are major client
    updates in which you have to redownload it from the website (which doesn't happen frequently, right?). Not sure how they would handle revenue sharing. All of RuneScape purchases are currently done through a weblink and not in RuneScape game, but they could likely mplement a steam store.Yep plenty of steam games have their launchers but from what I've seen they manage upgrades via steam rather than through the launcher itself. Which means every week they would be pushing updates through steam in addition to through Apple, android and
    the current desktop client.Ohh and valve want you to add steam wallet instead even in link stores. And any in RuneScape game purchases have to be secured so that a participant accessing through steam can simply pay via steam. They want their cash, you can't blame them but it's filled with negatives from jagex's perspective. In addition you have the update procedure generally, I do not know what type of
    lead time steam need with updates being pushed and if that would work with how often RS is updated. Many, many mmos possess
    their own launcher, and steam updates upgrade the launcher. Steam keeps up the launcher the launcher patches RuneScape, entirely outside of steam.
    How can you know this? Surely you shouldn't be so delusional to believe your armchair understanding is exceptional to Jagex, a firm with hundreds of workers who would have certainly considered the prospect of starting on Steam + done a extensive cost-profit analysis.This is a company that is gaining record profits while having a dwindling player base (RS3). Being a company doesn't mean you god when it comes to those decisions. Hell, they didn't even consider OSRS that turned out to be a success, and
    until players began petitioning and complaining about buy RS gold it.

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