CSCA: The addition of these two shooting guards will help 2K players to score and win

The addition of these two shooting guards will help 2K players to score and win

16 Jul 2020 at 01:59

Maybe everyone remembers the scene where the Cavaliers won the championship from the 73-win Warriors in 2016. LeBron James is the biggest hero. But 2K players don’t neglect the powerful helpers around him, such as point guard Kyrie Irving and shooting guard J. R. Smith and power forward Kevin Love. Players will spend NBA 2K20 MT in the game to rebuild the 2016 Cavaliers championship lineup.

But since then J. R. Smith’s competitive state has confused. He sometimes misses the chance to score so often that the head coach has to replace him angrily. But players have to admit that he was definitely one of the league’s best shooting guards while playing for the Nuggets. After the 2007-2008 season ended, the NBA officially counted his various data. What shocked everyone at the time was that he shot over 40% of his three-pointers that season. And when the Nuggets are in the playoffs, he can contribute over 18 points per game.

Klay Thompson, who is playing for the Golden State Warriors, holds a record of 14 three-pointers in a single game over his teammate Stephen Curry’s 13 three-pointers. He and Curry formed the NBA’s most powerful shooter duo. If they are in excellent condition, they will often completely defeat their opponents in the third quarter of the game. With a 97-point three-point attribute and a 98-point scoring attribute, he will be the best person for players to reinforce the self-built shooting guard. And the most favorite thing for players is that he does not occupy the player at all. Usually, his scoring method is to shoot directly after receiving a pass from his teammate.

Two such good shooter player cards are what players want to have in their dreams. Players with strong economic strength can go directly to the auction house to get them with 2K20 MT, and players with weak economic strength can also go to reliable agents first to Buy 2K21 MT and then come back to buy them. Players only need to find the right time to pass the ball to them in the game to complete the score.


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