CSCA: It has improved some issues since the release of Harvest in patch 1.52

It has improved some issues since the release of Harvest in patch 1.52

17 Jul 2020 at 05:10


Since the release of Harvest, most players have loved the various creative mechanisms and functions that exist in the new league. They can use additional features to create unique items for sale to get some POE Currency. The production potential of Harvest is unprecedentedly strong. The game team also hopes that players can give full play to their imagination to stimulate all the potential of the new league. In the latest 1.52 patch, people have seen improvements made by the game team to existing problems.

Now when players collect fallen medium and large jewelry, the system will automatically create an enchantment effect for them to prevent players from being disturbed. If the players sell the clustered ornaments with no modification to the agent, they will find that the original modifier disappears after completing the transaction. Players should also pay attention to the fact that when creating a brand, they should pay attention to the maximum allowable number of the brand.

If the character created by the player drops by 20%, don’t worry. This effect will only last for a period rather than permanent effect. In addition, Herald of Ash’s gain strength is directly proportional to the amount of fire damage they can cause. Players focused on elemental attacks can now cause continuous elemental damage to enemies. Attentive players can find that a bookmark called the Law of the Wild appears in the unique collection. The game team also marked many hidden decorations with special symbols so that players can find them more quickly.

Players see everything the game team does. They appreciated the official actions to improve the game and recommend POE to their friends to join the game and enjoy the joy of the black world. Although players can use Harvest’s features to get POE Items but those players who are eager to experience the fun of the game are best to Buy POE Currency at reliable agents which is faster.


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