CSCA: Bad news from POE comes one after another

Bad news from POE comes one after another

26 Jul 2020 at 22:00

As we all know, with the global COVID-19 outbreak earlier this year, many things must suspend, and enormous companies are no exception. Beta POE 2 can only postpone a longer release time. Although the players are very disappointed, they still have to accept the facts. However, some players with strong intellectual abilities are now reserving POE Currency for the other two recent series this year. They are very smart.

But in fact, players can still get a fresh experience in the game. They root it in the continuous fun content provided to players by the Harvest League released by the game team last month. The emergence of the new league allows players to see new mechanisms and functions, so we now immerse them in the wonderful world of the new league. They only need to go to the sacred jungle guarded by Oshabi to collect the seed cache and bring the seeds back to the garden for planting and then kill the monsters produced from the seeds to get rich rare materials and enormous vitality. They can use what they have got to improve their weapons and equipment to make them play a greater role.

Players can collect more advanced seeds to get more loot. And since the POE game team added a new patch to the game a few days ago, the drop rate of advanced seeds has become much greater. It is very helpful for players to improve their planting experience and to fight or cultivate crops more actively. The new league is a more comfortable version developed by the game team taking into account the mental exhaustion of players after the first three months of intense fighting. The most important thing is that the new league does not have any requirements for the players’ strength, as long as the players work hard to cultivate.

The game team is now focusing on all leagues this year. To ensure that players can receive a fresh game experience on time, they decided to release the next two new leagues as originally planned. The pleasant news is that the game team may launch a new league in December early. The top priority for all players now is to Buy POE Currency and POE Items to pursue a better experience in the now hot Harvest League.


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