CSCA: Path Of Exile’s development and changes in the past ten years

Path Of Exile’s development and changes in the past ten years

27 Jul 2020 at 21:47

Maybe many players are serious about the game in the Harvest League and ignore that this year is actually the tenth year of the POE release. Unconsciously, the game team has spent ten years with most loyal fans. Since its release for so many years, players have always loved the behavior of the game team. The financial system including POE Currency and many fun features in the game allows players to not only maintain the realism of the game but also experience the excitement of the evil world.

After ten years of change, the game is peculiar from ten years ago. The behavior of the game team to launch a new league every three months not only allows players to experience the wonderful league but also ensures that the freshness of the players will not lose. In addition, the creative production system in the game also ensures the freedom of the game players. They can make their favorite weapons or skills according to their preferences. The generation of passive skill trees expands the diversity of players’ skills.

After many patch repairs, the game’s graphics are now more beautiful and can give players a strong visual shock. The game team let players look at the course of the past ten years to relive those wonderful moments. Then I compared dungeons, landscapes, creatures, lighting, inventory screens, and even launch screens side by side. The game can change how many things for an entire period. Besides the review, GGG also released a new pet, the Clockwork Golem pet. They can purchase in the game store for 60 points, or they can purchase the set for 250 points and save 50 points.

Because many players are now working hard in the Harvest League, the game team has been struggling to optimize the game to ensure that the players’ gaming experience continues to improve. More and more people are pouring into the evil world of POE to enjoy the pleasure brought by all aspects. However, they should pay attention to that they should go to Buy POE Orbs and POE Items before entering the game to ensure that their game development can be smooth and profitable.



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