Vinctor: 10 Top Tips For When You Have Teenage Bridesmaids

10 Top Tips For When You Have Teenage Bridesmaids

20 Oct 2021 at 20:59

Teenage Bridesmaids - Handle With Care

And I mean that within the nicest possible sense.

I was in the opening of Annabel Ridley's latest collection in Mayfair yesterday whenever a friend explained that her twin 15 years old daughters have been asked to become bridesmaids not only once but twice the coming year. And that, although initially, they have been thrilled, their hearts have been sinking ever since in the thought of the items they might be instructed to wear...

So here's my advice to the bride asking a teenage girl to become her bridesmaid.

Involve her within the initial discussion about style and colour, which makes it clear that there's a dress available for her and also the two of you simply need to find it. Nobody will wear a dress-up costume they don't like.

Make a summary of all the colours that they (and also the other bridesmaids) hate. You're not likely to necessarily rule those hues out, but it is good to possess a heads-up. Just ask that everybody involved is open-minded...

Remember, that simply because someone said they didn't like pink, that doesn't mean that there isn't a shade of pink available that is right up their street! Not many teenagers may wish to wear Barbie pink, but how about American Beauty?

If there doesn't seem to become a mutually satisfactory colour, go for neutrals like taupe, oyster or grey; or introduce a colour nobody had considered, like cloudy, spa, frost or celadon.

If there's a real clash of ideas about colour, establish the wedding theme and allow the girls all to select a colour that works for them within that theme. Maybe inside the same colour family, just varying shades; or you go for that rainbow look...


Think about styles: will the teenage bridesmaid wear the same style because the other bridesmaids, or will each girl pick the dress that meets her physique? If you choose different styles, attempt to ensure that all the bridesmaid dresses are of the same fabric - it can make for a lot more cohesive look.

Have a genuine discussion about the period of dress; some teenagers hate tea length, many will want long, others might like the idea of hi-lo skirts. Think of the way the photos will appear and how you would like the visuals. If you are determined to possess a certain style dress the teenager isn't entirely sure about, allow her to choose her very own shoes and jewellery that permit her to exhibit her individuality when you remain in control.

Remember that the teenage girl is going to become far more self-conscious about her bust (or insufficient it) than a mature girl so make sure the dress has enough support on her and doesn't show an excessive amount of cleavage. Spaghetti straps are a perfect method to boost a girl's confidence without looking matronly, but when she is quite well-endowed, she might prefer a dress that allows her to put on a bra, especially if there's going to become plenty of dancing later.

Many teenagers won't allow us a waist yet; in that case for your teenage bridesmaids, then stay away from figure-hugging gowns and suggest a dress that's slightly more empire line than natural waist.

Take a look at the feel times dresses; fab colours to select from and endless styles - your teenager is often as daring or as demure as she likes. These two late-teen bridesmaids wore one style for that church ceremony after which re-worked their dresses for any different look for that after-party!

My final suggestion to the bride is - anything you do, don't build your teenage bridesmaid wear a dress that's the same colour as her school uniform - she'll never forgive you!

For more ideas, take a look at FeelTimes' Junior Bridesmaid Dresses - the best dress can there be waiting on her.


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