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Wedding Designer Feature: Rue de Seine

If boho-chic is exactly what you want on your wedding day, then look no further. Rue de Seine, named following the dreamy Parisian neighborhood, features bold yet romantic styles for that bride attempting to create her very own rules in bridal fashion. You’ll adore all the designer’s dresses, just like we have!


Michele Corty always knew that fashion would play many in her life. Growing up, she was inspired by her mother’s fashion—ruffled dress, heeled boots, and giant ‘70s glasses. All her school friends thought she would be a movie star! It was the very first time she realized she could experiment with her very own personal style and make magic after that.

After graduating from design school, Corty went to live in Paris and traveled throughout France to locate artisans that committed to beautiful lace and textile designs. She was drawn to ready-to-wear designs and caused several fashion brands including American Retro, My Lovely Jean, and ZOEtee’s. While dealing with ZOEtee’s last year, she collaborated with Gwyneth Paltrow on the jersey knit capsule collection—her first official collection.


A couple of years later, she fell in love not just with Paris but with her husband Michael. They were married on Rue de Seine, a street filled with passion, artistry, and creativity. Corty designed her very own wedding gown, that was bold, romantic, and super comfortable, and knew in her own heart the bridal industry was calling her name.

In 2011 Corty and her new husband went to live in New Zealand to begin her bridal company. She started having a small team of six people inside a shared studio space along with a boutique in Newmarket. Her goal was, but still is, to produce more relaxed yet fashion-forward designs. She remembers how special she felt on her big day and wants to make certain each bride feels the same way.


The company is continuing to grow significantly from that tiny team of six. Currently, Corty runs a team of over 90 people at her Auckland atelier. All production happens in-house—from conception and design towards the final product. All gowns, veils, and accessories are created to order, and local manufacturers help bring these beautiful designs alive. Gowns vary from size 2-14 and price between $2,900 and $5,000. Rue de Seine is recognized as world-renowned—more than 80 retailers around the globe sell Corty’s gowns.

Brides may have endless choices for their special day. Inspired by fashion and travel, Corty’s gowns are filled with traditional silhouettes, boho-inspired embroidery, hand-crochet accents, and beaded florals. The details are equally amazing: beading, illusion, draping, and 3-dimensional floral embellishments, for starters. Something extra-special towards the company is their lace. All lace wedding dresses are exclusively created for Rue de Seine, which means you can’t think it is anywhere else!

Besides pouring her heart into her stunning designs, Corty requires a lot of pride in supporting the next generation of developers. She donates textiles to some local university; plus, each year she offers 10 positions for brand new graduates to become listed on her team.


New towards the bridal scene is Rue de Seine’s Wave Rider collection. This newest collection is for that effortless boho bride that still wants feminine flair. The Kylo gown includes a great A-line silhouette along with a full organza skirt. The embroidery is amazing, however, the plunging neckline is a showstopper!

Another feminine option is the Rafia off-white gown using the silk-lined bodice, demi cap sleeves, and hourglass silhouette. This dress fits the model perfectly and we’re in awe. For something unique, the Eden gown using the sienna slip is here now to make a statement. We love the high boat neckline and embellished embroidery.

If you loved the final collection, hold back until you see the Classics Collection. We are obsessed with all of the gowns; it had been hard to nail down just a couple to feature. Let’s discuss the star within the middle—the Kyara dress. This blush-toned gown is stunning and we’re totally into the architecture-inspired print. The delicate folk-art lace and traditional Indian band work to complete the appearance.

The Sedona gown is giving us Shania Twain vibes for any boho-cowgirl look. The neckline is flattering, and also the lace panels made a sculpted fit. The tulle and lace skirt goes up a notch! Geometric cotton and rayon embroidery take center stage within the Bishop gown. The high halter neck provides the dress a small retro feel, but inside a modern way. Pair the dress using the Anika sleeves for added drama—which we’re saying yes to.

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It all started having a high five of these Louisiana sweethearts! And let me tell you, this is exactly what love appears like folks!!

How have you met your Fiance?

Jeremy and I were set up by my sweet friend Chrissy! At the time, Chrissy and I were roommates and she or he worked with Jeremy. On our first date, I was so nervous that after the night I gave him a higher five and jumped from his car! After several months, I heated up to him and we have been inseparable since.

Tell us concerning the proposal!

This is a great one! I was in Florida second shooting a marriage with my pal Catherine, as they were home in Louisiana. I had been anxious to obtain engagement coupled with expressing that to Jeremy before I left after which to Catherine on our journey to Florida. Little did I know, they'd been planning behind my back for months!

The next day of Catherine and I photographed the most amazing wedding, I was told that the mom of the bride, Kathy was taking us to dinner! All day, I had been in touch with Jeremy! He had previously taken photos of himself with this dog Milo before he left and would send these phones to me throughout the day as they were on the way to Florida to propose! When we reached the restaurant, Catherine then explained that Kathy could be late and that we were going to possess a seat at our table to hold back for her. Catherine got her camera to snap several photos and that we ordered drinks.

Before the drinks could arrive Jeremy walked as much as the table! I was so shocked that I could do was squeal "What's happening?" and "Oh my God!" repeatedly.

Jeremy got recorded on one knee and just said, "I adore you! Will you marry me?" I said "Yes!" with the tears after which he attempted to put my ring on my small right hand! I couldn't help but laugh!

Our waitress brought champagne and that we celebrated with a couple of our closest friends! The best part is the fact that Catherine captured everything on video! The next day we went to the beach and took several photos to commemorate time!

How have you chosen the place for your wedding?

Much like deciding to spend my entire life with Jeremy, choosing our location was easy! I knew I wanted to obtain married within the town I was raised in, Abbeville, LA. There is a beautiful Catholic Church that I had developed in also it was where I had always imagined getting married. Jeremy knew it was vital to me so he was aboard!

What kind of venue had you been looking for?

For our reception, went to have a traditional ballroom. I wanted something romantic, a bit formal and, a fancied-up version of people.

How have you decided on your bridesmaid's dresses? Tell us about your experience at FeelTimes!

Green is the most popular color, so, I knew I wanted that incorporated a great deal throughout our wedding and I loved the popularity of having different style sequin and beaded gold gowns. I did several searches and located some great inspiration on Pinterest! I have three sisters, so I decided to put them within the gold dresses and also the rest of my girls within the sage green bridesmaid dresses.

I knew I was likely to find my bridesmaid gowns from FeelTimes because before I would be a FeelTimes bride I was a FeelTimes bridesmaid. When my pal Anne was a marriage she invited me along to choose dresses for her wedding also it was this type of great experience that returning for my very own wedding would be a no-brainer!

Planning a marriage is stressful and filled with decision-making! Shopping at FeelTimes made the entire process of choosing and ordering bridesmaid gowns so easy and fun! It was so nice to invest time having a few of my girls inside a comfortable environment.

Who designed your wedding dress? Where have you got it?

My gown originated from feel times. My mom selected this particular dress and I wasn't in love with it. When I used it on, it fit perfectly! I took that as a sign and bought it several days later!

What was your preferred part from the day?

Am I permitted to say the whole day? There were several high points, like, spending your day with my bridesmaids, mom, and aunt, and our first look!

My other favorite part of our day was exchanging our vows. Out of exactly what happened on that day, it is exactly what sticks out I believe. Out of all in our wedding photos, those are my top picks. It was this type of special moment!

Dancing the nighttime away with Jeremy and our friends is a close second!

What inspired you whenever you were planning your special day?

I took little odds and ends of each wedding as inspiration for things I knew I had to possess, and for several things I knew I could live without. One of the things I knew I could not live without were flowers. I think our wedding became the perfect mixture of gold glitter, romance, and us!

What advice have you got for other brides?

I believe it is important to keep your people-pleasing low! Being considerate of peoples' feelings is essential, but, after the day, it comes down to you and your fiancé. Worry less about what others think and worry much more about having the time of your lifetime! You only reach do this once!

How to Choose the Perfect Mother From the Bride Dress

Preparing for the son or daughter's big day can be stressful! You also have to consider what you should wear. Finding the best dress could be so difficult along with a long process. Thankfully, there are lots of ways you can make getting a mother from the bride dress a little easier.

You have to keep several factors in your mind while shopping at the nearest store. The first step would be to simply ask your youngster for more information concerning the wedding. This will help you choose a dress that doesn't clash using the theme or color palette from the big day. Another great place to begin would be to check out the venue. This will help you figure out how formal the big event will be and for that reason what sort of dress would look best.

Here are a few of our tips to keep in your mind as you shop for the feeltimes dress.

1. Start shopping early. If possible, many months in advance. It's smart to pick out an outfit at least a couple of months before the wedding, to help you tick them back on your to-do list.

2. Pick a color. If for instance, you know the bridesmaids are wearing purple and also the groom is going to be in a navy suit, ensure that you avoid each of those colors.

3. Choose an outfit length. If it's a casual or semi-formal event, a knee or midi-length dress is suitable. If it's a proper wedding, you'll most likely need a complete-length gown. The location also plays a job – you don't desire a long dress that drags behind you when the wedding is outside or on the beach.

4. Consider different necklines and sleeve lengths. For mature women, check out a simple v-neck shape, boat neckline, or classic sweetheart style. The sleeve length could be picked according to season, or if you'd rather cover your arms. A short sleeve adds a little sophistication to the MOB dress.

5. Select the silhouette. All types of gowns could be appropriate for the mother from the bride, also it all depends on your body type. Fitted lace mother of the bride dresses tea length are a popular choice, while A-line styles are a classic option. You can also think about the mermaid style for a proper wedding.

6. Staying age-appropriate. The key would be to pick an age-appropriate classic. Embroidery, velvet, or lace are wonderful choices too.

7. Completing your thing. You'll need shoes that match and therefore are comfortable, a bag (clutch or small shoulder bag), and jewelry. You'll also require a plan for hair and makeup too.

The mother from the Bride Dresses – Your Questions – Answered!

Still unsure what to put on, or exactly what the fashion rules are? We're here to reply to some of the most faq's about mother from the bride or groom dresses.

What color is the mother from the bride's dress be?

A mother from the bride dress could be almost any color you want. It's smart to avoid several shades for example ivory, white, and anything too pale – because these are most often of a wedding dress. You may also wish to avoid black, even though this is less problematic.

What may be the average price of a mother from the bride dress?

There are many cheap and affordable options, but these are generally made from low-quality material and also the final appearance can differ.

What should the mother of the bride wear for an outdoor wedding?

For a backyard wedding, you may want to put on a dress that doesn't touch the floor – so midi or tea-length is a superb choice.

Can the mother from the bride and the mother from the groom wear the same color?

They can, but it's not the typical choice. The mother from the bride and groom usually picks their very own dresses that reflect their very own taste and elegance. They are usually different colors.

How to Decide on A Wedding Dress

You'll undergo a period of taking a look at a dress following a beautiful dress while planning for a wedding. With so many nice options available, you may be wondering which dress fits your needs. Before you settle on an outfit you're in the dark about, remember certain aspects that may make the decision-making process even clearer.


When buying a wedding dress this is the first thing to consider. A lightweight dress that highlights your feminine figure provides you with a feeling of effortless elegance.


If you receive married in a worship house you're supposed to dress modestly without baring an excessive amount of skin. On the other hand, in a beach wedding, an extended-sleeve dress having a train towards the cathedral wouldn't do well.

Style of Wedding

Will, it's a dinner, casual or grand? Questions such as these play a role in deciding which kind of dress you can put on. It's your wedding reception and you're liberated to wear anything you want, but we're sure you agree that the glamorous ball gown isn't likely to fit in a romantic wedding al fresco.


Financial restrictions play a far more significant part. An exquisite wedding gown wouldn't come having a cheap cost of hand-embroidered beads and crystals. If you're on a tight budget keep reading once we have some fantastic ideas to cut your wedding gown bill.

Body Type

A mermaid-style dress in your favorite celebrity looks perfect but doesn't suit the body or cause you to feel relaxed. There are no restrictions on what you can put on on your special day, but to get going, you can check out our tips on our bodies form.

Which wedding gown designs would be the most popular?

The most important step in choosing the proper dress is selecting one that fits the body type and personality. Get to know the most typical models of dress to see which one on a special day will make you look beautiful.


Slim on the top fitted around the waist and flared gently out of the frame. a line wedding dresses, in the shape of the letter "A", on certain types of the body, this profile flatters.


The ballerina dress usually regarded as length as opposed to a silhouette is ideal for showing off your ankles and thighs. In a retro-style wedding, this funky dress would look amazing.

Ball Gown

The perfect style for any formal wedding, the ball gown includes a boned bodice along with a full crinoline-lined top. If you're short, make certain your ball gown is tailored exactly to fit your body.


The Empire dress includes a raised waist that will reach just below the bustline. This dress style can conceal a brief waist along with a heavy lower body.


If you want an outfit that clings towards the figure of the hourglass, this can be it. This dress covers the waist, then spreads from the knee. However, it might be too tight to kneel or dance.


This is an elegant and stylish dress, also called the column, having a close-fitting form that shows every curve. You need to be very confident in your body as this outfit could be unforgiving!

Wedding dress fabrics

One component that influences your wedding gown shape, texture, and sheen may be the fabric. So you must know what type of fabric you're going to be looking for. In addition to the cloth, embellishments for example beads and lace will decide enhanced comfort and, ultimately, the gown price.

Which feeltimes wedding gown train in the event you pick?

The big day is your only opportunity to wear a train, so you have to consider hard before you decide to pick one. Besides the formality of the ceremony, location is one thing that you should consider when deciding the size of the train. An outdoor wedding inside a garden or through the beach wedding, for instance, won't accommodate an extended train.

What to prevent when picking out a bridesmaid dress

The bridesmaid is yet another beautiful scenery around the wedding, therefore the bridesmaids’ makeup also needs special attention, particularly the selection of the gown. As the bride, you will find the duty and pick out the feel times bridesmaid gowns for them. You may feel worried, there surely some things need to be considered.

Avoid over-budget

If there is no limit on the budget, then you may consider purchasing bridesmaid gowns for your pals. But if you need to do need all of them to through the dresses themselves, you must consider the feelings from the women standing in the wedding, and steer clear of going for whatever you know will break someone’s budget.

Avoid self-assertion

When you begin to pick the bridesmaid gowns, the initial step you can do is to speak and talk to your bridesmaids. Telling them the wedding color theme, and selecting the dresses to commensurate the wedding dress, particularly in the color. When you are inside a red dress, the bridesmaids shouldn't choose a green or purple dress. In addition, the bridesmaid’s dress should also be adjusted based on the wedding theme.

It is simple for you to decide the gown color, but it's hard that you should choose the right dress for the bridesmaids due to their different physiques. At some weddings, the bride’s bridesmaids tend to be more than one. The same color of different styles of dress is the greatest choice, not just reflects the bridesmaid uniform dress, it adapts towards the requirements of various bridesmaids.

Fabrics can't be ignored, high-grade fabrics will make the gown more comfortable.

If possible, you can give them a chance to come with you about shopping for the bridesmaid gowns. Or it's hard it's you gathered, you can show them pictures and get if each dress was okay or if it had been unsuitable for whatever reason.

Avoid too gorgeous or too complex

Avoid anything overly complex or up-to-the-minute trendy. Simple is the most elegant, also generally probably the most figure-friendly.

Avoid black, multi-color, and white bridesmaid dresses

Avoid way too short or too revealing

Too short or too revealing dress style isn't suitable for marriage. As the bridesmaids, they have to company using the bride constantly, it's necessary on their behalf to obey the marriage dress code.

Avoid past too far

Although you'll need to focus on shopping the wedding dresses, it's also wise to leave enough time for the bridesmaid to get their dresses.

It is impossible that you should please each of the bridesmaids, but at least you can try your very best to understand all of them. It’s about everyone valuing everyone’s comfort and happiness, and everyone being prepared to compromise a little to find something which works for all.

The Best Wedding Dress for Your Body Type

Your big day is the once in life where your dress takes center stage. At feeltimes, our entire brand is dedicated to creating customizable clothing that works with women’s bodies, styles, and preferences, therefore we deeply comprehend the importance of locating the ideal wedding gown for the body type and shape.

To help guide you through this wonderful—but sometimes overwhelming—process, we’ve come up with a guide made to help you find the perfect wedding gown for the body type, personality, and elegance.

Types of Wedding Dresses

When you are looking at wedding dresses, there's a myriad of styles and silhouettes to select from. We’ve broken the most popular wedding gown shapes right down to their core, simplifying items to help you decipher which silhouette appeals most for you.

Wedding Dresses By Body Type

Now, you want to preface this list by saying it's impossible to produce a single list that captures all physical structures. But in an attempt to lead you toward the silhouette most flattering for you, we’ve selected the 5 most common physical structure and their best pairings.


An hourglass figure is better characterized by a large bust, narrow waist, and wide hips. When many people think of the hourglass figure, they think about Marilyn Monroe, hourglass shapes are classic, timeless, and appear amazing within the right dress.

What Works: If you possess an hourglass figure, you’ll discover that your shape is better-accentuated mermaid wedding dresses do this extremely well. Mermaid dresses have a sleek bodice having a subtle flare at the end, highlighting your waist minimizing body.

What to Avoid: In short, any dress that hides your waist is a huge no for those who have hourglass shapes. We would suggest avoiding ball gowns due to the fact these dresses are usually fitted at the very top and then provide a dramatic flair round the waistline.


The straight physical structure usually has hips, waists, and chests which are all equally proportionate.

What Works: Straight physical structure looks great inside a range of dresses, however, the two that stand out would be the sheath and ball gown. With straight, or rectangular body shapes, which means that you will get a sleek look that still offers style and dimension.

Ball gowns offer dramatic bottoms and make up a dynamic, princess-like aesthetic that works great with this particular shape and figure.

What to Avoid: When you are looking at straight physical structure, you’re likely to want to try and steer clear of jumpsuits and separates. Jumpsuits often look a little boxy on women with a straight physical structure and can distort your silhouette.


Pear-shaped bodies have a smaller bust and waist and wider hips and legs. Pear-shaped bodies feature gorgeous curves and proportions that should be celebrated and accentuated.

What Works: When dressing a pear-shaped body, you need to look towards A-line or ball gown options. These dresses will reveal your waist and legs and draw attention to the beauty and dynamism of the proportions.

What to Avoid: If you possess a pear-shaped body, you’ll wish to avoid ball gowns along with other dress styles that hide or distort your lower half. When people with pear-shaped bodies wear dresses that are too bottom-heavy, it requires attention from their gorgeous figure and tends to create an unflattering silhouette.


If you possess an athletic build, you're more muscular and less curvy.

What Works: Women with athletic bodies should strive for an A-line or ball gown dress. These dresses will accentuate the low half of the body while providing you with a sleek and refined silhouette up top. Jumpsuits work well with athletic builds and are usually both flattering and defining out of all right ways.

What to Avoid: This physique should avoid sheath dresses because they often eliminate athletic bodies or appear ill-fitting. When you possess an athletic build, it’s best to think about options with increased structure and shape.


Petite bodies are small yet powerful and appear stunning when combined with the right dress.

What Works: If you’re petite, stick having a sheath or A-line dress that will accentuate the body, adding an elongating effect. We especially love A-line dresses for petite women due to the dramatic effect they can produce without having to be distracting or overbearing.

What to Avoid: Petite brides could get lost in ball gowns or dresses which have too much volume, so it’s better to stick with something more sleek and subtle.

Your Ultimate Wedding Partner

At FeelTimes, our customizable wedding gowns allow you to dictate the finishing touches of the wedding look. We design the dresses and jumpsuits after which you select the final features such as the neckline, sleeve type, and length. The result? A wedding gown that reflects your uniqueness, brilliance, and elegance.


A wedding is among the most important times of any bride’s life. Every bride really wants to look nothing under perfect and special on her behalf special day. Having a romantic wedding gown is a imagine nine from ten brides every time they think about the word wedding. They want a romantic wedding gown mainly to invoke just as much romantic time as you possibly can when they are in that wedding gown. Designers around the globe firmly think that a classic mixture of older vintage style with elegant accessories can successfully bring the perfect romantic wedding dresses for the bride.

Why do romantic dresses top the options chart of each bride?

The first of all reason of romantic wedding gown is the very first choice of each bride is the fact that in such dresses, an A-line dress piece will certainly make you look slender and all sorts of the more appealing while big skirt won't give a good contrast to the torso but also add an ideal touch of feminism and flattering towards the dress. Bows aren't anything less than icing around the cake because they give classic detailing to the wedding gown. You will seem like a princess of an intimate fairy tale whenever you walk on the aisle wearing this type of beautifully designed dress.

There isn't any denial of the fact that romantic wedding gowns are usually inspired by fairy tales. A lot of tulle within the skirt will certainly depict the fairy princess awaiting prince charming in a storybook. Both highly structured and unstructured loose bows play a huge role in giving that traditional and preppy finish to the dress.

A wedding is about the bride!

So if you desire to look different and special for the wedding, it is usually advisable to go to a designer who focuses on designing wedding dresses rather than picking something readymade in the bridal shops. The gown designers will certainly create something unique, fashionable, and romantic for you personally. A designer wedding dress does full justice to find, dreams, and aspirations of the to-be bride.

Apart from that, you might or might not have a clear idea by what kind of gown or dress will appear the best you. A designer that has expertise in designing dresses for brides using different figure, looks, complexion, and attitude have fair experience and is within the best position to suggest what's going to suit you the very best.

These days designers are tinkering with soft and romantic colors instead of designing gowns in regular white. Ecru, ivory, off-white and soft pink, and peach would be the new shades that add freshness to the wedding gown. Along with new colors, designers also test out bows that range from medium to large sizes. A bow around the waist gives an ideal modern turn to an otherwise traditional and vintage style gown.

Wedding Trends We Love: Ivory Bridesmaid Dresses

Had you inquired a few years ago about bridesmaids wearing ivory dresses, I would have completely dismissed the concept and probably said that you were crazy. That vision was drastically wrong because ivory bridal parties have grown to be a huge wedding trend and it is pretty dang stunning!

If you aren’t sure if the appearance is for you but have been considering it, continue reading! I’ll let you know a little bit concerning the history of ivory bridesmaid gowns, the way they got back into the wedding limelight, plus some of the greatest concerns that brides have when they’re debating to visit the ivory route or otherwise.

Be smart about your selection should you go the ivory route. Either has of your girl picks her very own style therefore it creates a rustic-chic look, or opt for a style that’s not the same as your own. For instance, should you’re wearing a strapless fitted lace gown, style your ‘maids inside a strapped lace bridesmaid dress having a flowing, a-line fit.

Ways to Make Your ‘Maids Stand Out

As a bride, you 100% deserve to stick out on your special day. Styling your ‘maids in feel times ivory dresses won’t go ahead and take focus from you, but you will find easy methods to keep them appearing like bridesmaids when you stand there all glowing and bride-like. Here are some suggestions to consider:

Dress them inside them in short styles.

As the bride-to-be, you deserve to become the one within the elegant, complete bridal gown while your ‘maids are simply as classy and trendy (whatever the wedding style might be!) however in something slightly less formal.

Accessorize them differently.

Make your girls stick out apart from you. Add a floral crown for their look or ask them to each wear an argument necklace that appears best using their dress. If you’re going heavier around the accessories, maybe have your girls go pretty minimal with just a set of studs or pearls.

Keep it casual. Brides who go for ivory gowns on her ‘maids are usually opting for a boho-chic or rustic vibe. My favorite method of styling them is as simple as keeping the appearance pretty casual, rustic, by styling each girl in her very own dress. Also, it simply makes for some seriously gorgeous photos.

Mix and match different hues. If you are a little reluctant to do a full ivory wedding party, consider just opting for neutrals instead. Colors for example ivory, latte, and champagne bridesmaid dresses could act as your palette after which each girl could choose the color, within the style dress that they prefer.

Popular Plus Size Bridesmaid Dress Styles

From gorgeous colors to specific styles and trends, browse the most popular full-figured bridesmaid dresses!

1. Long Plus Size Bridesmaid Dresses

Dress length is an option to consider. There’s no right or wrong answer when you are looking at the length of an outfit for full-figured bridesmaids. Depending on the bridesmaid, she might feel much more comfortable elongating your body with a floor-length dress. Long dresses are specifically popular at this time because they lend a soft, romantic, and formal look. Whereas short bridesmaid dresses often appear more casual.

2. Plus Size Bridesmaid Dresses with Sleeves

A bridesmaid dress with sleeves provides a few benefits, the very first being it lends support. This is especially essential for bridesmaids who possess a large bust. Depending on the sleeve style, additionally, it may lend to the feel of the dress. For example, ruffles tend to be more romantic, and thick straps are very sophisticated.

3. Plus Size Burgundy Bridesmaid Dresses

Burgundy is the most widely used bridesmaid dress color, as well as for a good reason! This gorgeous deep red shade looks beautiful all year round. It also complements everyone's complexion. 

Tips for Choosing Plus Size Bridesmaid Dresses

When narrowing down your bridesmaid dress options it could be overwhelming! There are so many silhouettes, colors, fabrics available. And of course, you wish to make everyone happy. Here really are a few tips about choosing full-figured bridesmaid dresses to assist you to get started.

1. Ask Your Bridesmaids for Input

Although you have a concept of what you want and like, consider asking your girls for his or her input. This will provide you with an idea of which everyone is into and the things they would like to avoid. For example, full-figured women tend to wish to avoid tight gowns or individuals with minimal breast support.

2. Find Your Favorite Bridesmaid Dress Designers

This is a task to complete before you head towards the shops! Some designers don’t offer full-figured bridesmaid dresses. Do your research to make sure that everyone has the chance to try on a gown. This will help you avoid coming to an of your bridesmaids feel uncomfortable or omitted.

3. Mix & Match Bridesmaid Dress Styles

Mismatched bridesmaid gowns are this type of trend, as well as for good reason. It allows everyone to appear and feel their finest, by selecting a gown that belongs to their preference. Simply set some specifications so far as colors, styles, patterns, and so forth. This option helps to ensure that no one is going to be squeezed right into a gown they hate!

Let’s Chat

We want to assist you to build your wedding day unforgettable, including you and your bridesmaids shining so much it shows in each photo! Which style is your personal favorite? Is there another tip or idea you wish to share with us about choosing feeltimes plus-size bridesmaid gowns? Let us know within the comment section below!


Royal Style Report - The Best Bridesmaid Dresses In Blush!

Blush, or petal pink, is probably the top color choice for bridesmaids. The hue is neutral enough to combine into several settings, from the beach to some formal cathedral. It is feminine, ethereal, light, and flattering for pretty much all skin colors. But just because blush is beautiful, does not mean it can't fail. We will break up the best blush maid of honor dresses that will help you navigate through silhouette and elegance to find looks that are elegant and simple to pull off!

First off, we want some inspiration, and who is easier to look to than chic, sophisticated royalty? Her Royal Highness Kate Middleton has worn the color exceptionally well (can there be anything she doesn't look stunning in?) and Princess Charlene of Monaco can rock a silky strapless gown. See below for what we're calling a royal blush!

The comforting point about this subtle, chic colorway is that you simply don't have to be royal to drag off light pink! From Rose to Carnation and my way through between, there's a pink for each princess having a bloodline or otherwise! We picked some of our favorite types of gorgeous gowns that any bridesmaid would look regal and radiant in.

For more styles, silhouettes, and colorways in fashionable shades of pink, peach, and peony explore our bridesmaid gowns.

Happy shopping!! Go

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