wisepowder: Advantages of domestic connector manufacturers

Advantages of domestic connector manufacturers

29 Mar 2023 at 03:30

Advantages of domestic connector manufacturers

Connector is a big family with many family members. It is subdivided into domestic and imported, circular and rectangular, metal and plastic, coaxial RF or high-speed backplane, etc. And the functions of connectors for different purposes are different, so it is necessary to understand the connector. Here is a detailed introduction to the advantages and disadvantages of domestic connectors and imported connectors.Get more news about cjt connector,you can vist our website!

Chinese connector manufacturers have advantages in the following aspects:
Cost and service advantage

China's domestic labor market is lower than that of Europe, America, Japan and Taiwan. The management personnel of domestic connector enterprises are localized and the cost is low; Although some factories, including Europe, America and Japan, are located in China, there is still a certain gap in labor cost per unit output due to the influence of corporate culture, business philosophy and internationalization of management personnel. It still has obvious advantages over domestic enterprises in terms of service concept, delivery cycle and response speed.
At present, more than 1 / 3 of the global connector market is in China, 3C and automobile market, and Chinese system manufacturers have had a certain impact on the global market. The nearby supporting facilities and tracking services can help domestic connector manufacturers further expand their advantages in the future competition pattern.

Change in technology gap

Under the current market environment, the technical threshold of one of the connectors in the 3C field is high frequency. Domestic manufacturers have made breakthroughs in the fields of USB socket, HDMI connector and DP. In recent years, the development of China's mobile phone and small household appliance industry is very obvious. There is demand when there is a market. With the popularity of mobile Internet, connector components have developed well, and some have completely replaced foreign products.

Home appliance field

As far as I know, the largest connector brands in the market include: te Tyco, MOLEX, Amphenol Amphenol, FCI Framatome, Foxconn Foxconn, Yazaki Yazaki, hrs Hirose, Sumitomo Sumitomo Electric, JST Japan voltage terminal, Jae Japan avionics, Delphi Delphi, foxlink Fugang electronics, luxshare precision, ket Korea terminal industry Co., Ltd, Lotes precision electronics, jonhon AVIC optoelectronics. These are relatively well-known connector brands in the market. Domestic cjt can be compatible and replace most of the above brands. The substitution compatibility rate of products is up to 90%. Compared with the characteristics of imported connectors, such as high price and long delivery time, domestic connectors can supply goods with lower price, equivalent quality and faster to meet the production needs of various enterprises.

Impact of trade war

This factor is difficult to control. Since the United States launched the trade war, the tariff of many imported connectors has increased by 20%, which is fatal for many enterprises, which means that the production cost has increased, the competitive advantage of products has weakened, and the price rise is on the one hand, but it is more fatal in case of supply interruption. It is impossible for domestic connectors to have such a problem. Stable time and fast delivery are the great advantages of our domestic connectors.


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