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If you were given a chance, would you like to go back to original World of Warcraft?

If we want to make a summary of the video game era experienced by our generation of players, then World of Warcraft is undoubtedly a sign of this game era. If you look closely at video games that have been popular for many years, you will find that they are completely different from when they were first released. With the advancement of technology, fewer and fewer errors appear in the game, the class is more balanced, and the level cpas continue to increase. If the WOW Classic Gold For Sale designer of the game has enough sense of responsibility, then players can still experience new functions and mechanisms after a period of time.

But the interest of players is gradually changing. The era of World of Warcraft as the benchmark of MMORPG has ruled over the game field. Now players are more enthusiastic about solo experiences like Bethesda's RPGs. However, even these games will continue to change over time. Interestingly, many players would rather spend a lot of energy to experience the original version of the game. In order to do this, they need to uninstall the existing game and delete all historical data, as well as disconnect the computer from the Internet.

However, for World of Warcraft, which has been released for 15 years, all this is impossible. Although Blizzard launched World of Warcraft Classic in late August last year, it has become another game independent of World of Warcraft. For those old players who have joined World of Warcraft since 2015, World of Warcraft is like a new game. As the development team continues to advance in design, philosophy, etc., more and more original content is modified or replaced by new features. They are like the dust wiped by the designer from the history of World of Warcraft and will never be able to return.

For World of Warcraft, though, that's most impossible. Blizzard's mighty online world is now almost unrecognisable because the game that, just before the new consoles launched, heralded the dawn of a replacement age - the age, within the term coined by Valve's Gabe Newell and parroted by a military of publishing executives, of "games as a service". Not only has WOW undergone constant evolution in mechanics, design and philosophy over the last nine years, but its original content is gone. Wiped from the servers, never to return.

It was hyped up by the broom of 2010's Cataclysm expansion, which exhaustively redesigned two continents' worth of dungeons and questing, in many places from scratch. This is often a game that now contains nostalgic references to an earlier version of itself. The cataclysm was unpopular with WOW players — mostly for other reasons to try and do with its endgame — but it still could be the one most extraordinary thing I've seen a games developer knock off my decade just about writing about games.

Blizzard isn't an innovator. The Californian studio could be a tinkerer, a genius reverse-engineer that may break down any game design and rebuild it better than it absolutely was. It's doing it now with card games in Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft and hopes to all over again with Dota-style arenas in Blizzard All-Stars. World of Warcraft was its try to close up EverQuest-style massively multiplayer online RPGs. The studio took the raw materials of those powerful, yet punishing and unfathomable experiences and sculpted them into a smooth popular entertainment on a fantastic scale, one which offered multiple levels of depth to suit all types of player. (If you ask Blizzard's design chief Rob Pardo what made WOW the hit it absolutely was, he'll tell you it absolutely was something as simple as how the game handled player deaths.)

Blizzard's development team has worked roughly the same way over the years. They split and categorize the existing content of the game, and continue to strip and reorganize the parts that can be improved. In the process, they gradually used their own designs. Replace the original content of the game. Even the content that they added to the game themselves, if it turns out that the content will adversely affect the game, then they will be revoked. This model saves the development team from spending energy on considering the sequel production of the game and makes World of Warcraft continue to progress, which is why World of Warcraft is still one of the most successful MMORPGs in the world and has earned considerable subscription income for Blizzard. Nonetheless, World of Warcraft can no longer reach the level before Cataclysm expanded its release, that was a myth. For those who are playing World of Warcraft Classic, MMOWTS is the best online store. More and more players choose to buy WOW Classic Gold at MMOWTS, because their price is the cheapest on the market, and the customer service of the person in charge will answer your questions about the order.

In the eyes of World of Warcraft players, they are always on the side of justice

The last new expansion of World of Warcraft has caused heated discussion among players since its release. In this expansion called Battle for Azeroth, a new round of long-term war has begun between Horde and Alliance. Sylvanas is the initiator of this war. She not only brutally exterminated the enemy and also burned down one of the Alliance's main population centers. In this war, the player's choice always affects the future of Azeroth. They are constantly looking for more powerful external forces, so that their own factions have a greater advantage. However, the war that should have continued suddenly ended as the old god N'Zoth escaped from the prison. In order to avoid the world being corrupted by the power from the old gods, the heroes of Horde and Alliance had to fight side by side again.

But fans have issues with Battle for Azeroth's story, specifically regarding changes to both the planet and their player characters. Some complaints, just like the finale of the Black Empire, are relatively straightforward. Others are way more complex, and that's because there's nobody Battle for Azeroth experience. Instead, player choice and new mechanics have created branching stories for Battles for Azeroth that adjust from player to player supported a surprising amount of things.

"A lot of the time, if players see something within the game, they take it with a pinch of salt that it's absolutely the truth," says lead narrative designer Steve Danuser in an interview with Polygon. "It might be a book they read on a shelf somewhere, it might be something a drunk guy in a very bar says to Buy WOW Classic Gold you at only once or another. Whereas within the planet, if you bumped into a drunk guy in a very bar and he says something to you, you're not visiting say ‘oh, absolutely, that has got to be the way that it is!'"

"It's not that we're trying to deceive the player, it's that we're trying to present them with, ‘hey, here's this living, breathing world filled with real people,'" says Danuser. "Like there are within the planet, and folks interpret things differently and convey things differently."

Battle for Azeroth has multiple minutes-length CGI cinematics, the primary use of player choice within the game, and therefore the first raid where players take the role of characters from the alternative faction. there's a large amount of labor, experimentation, and energy holding up the story for Battle for Azeroth. The more ambitious you get, the riskier that becomes, and player agency has been a contentious topic.

Danuser acknowledged this fact in the interview. He stated that players do not have full agency rights. In order to make the world more real and full of immersion, games often reflect the decisions made by some important characters in the game in the form of stories, and players need to perform corresponding actions based on the results. At these times, it is difficult for players to make truly free choices. But this is the only way to ensure the smooth running of the game and make the main story reasonable for most people. On the other hand, it will depend on the Vanilla WOW Gold you get in the game. When you have enough WOW Classic Gold, you can even influence the economic trends of World of Warcraft. MMOWTS is currently also providing services related to World of Warcraft Classic, where you can purchase secure WOW Classic Gold, and their professional team provides fast delivery.

How to collect Vessels to access Horrific Visions in WoW and obtain materials

Horrific Visions is a new gameplay that was introduced to the game after World of Warcraft released the 8.3 patch. Time occurred in Orgrimmar of the Horde and Stormwind of the Alliance. When the player enters the Horrific Visions, he will see the scene after the faction capital is completely corrupted. What the player needs to do is to explore as far as possible in the Horrific Visions, so as to collect materials and continuously improve the ability to fight against the will of the old god. In the process, players will get help from the Black Dragon Prince. He will give you an upgradeable cloak, which can be upgraded to a legendary item using the materials collected in the Horrific Visions. This will be the first legendary cloak available in the history of World of Warcraft.

But the tasks you can accomplish each week are limited. What you need to consider is to arrange the farming plan reasonably so that you have enough time to collect Vessels, and start additional terrorist vision events with your friends. All information below were based on the way things were on the PTR, combined with recent buffs to the amount of Coalescing Visions you can earn each week. Turning in 10,000 Coalescing Visions to Wrathion in the Chamber of Heart buys you a Vessel of Horrific Visions, and you can carry up to five of those and 25,000 Coalescing Visions before you cap out.

Right now, the quests will be completed in an exceedingly single World of Warcraft Classic Gold run. But soon, unless Blizzard makes more changes, it's visiting take plenty over that.

If you wish to optimize your Horrific Visions to finish your cloak upgrades within the shortest amount of your time, you're visiting must stockpile both Vessels and therefore the Coalescing currency as you get to the top of the method.

The first week, you got enough Vessels via questing to induce your cloak to rank 6. After that, it's been capped to rank 1 per week, with rank 7 possible last week and rank 8 possible on. At this time, the utmost rank is 15.

Horrific Visions have five wings: one Tainted, two Corrupted and two Lost areas, so as of difficulty. Each area can give different quest items to finish Wrathion's quests for the cloak upgrades, which determines what percentage Visions it takes to finish the search for that week. Each Vision requires spending one Vessel.

Right now, with no bonuses from playing in War Mode, you'll be able to earn roughly 44,000 Coalescing Visions every week from doing the assaults and every one the daily quests in Vale of Eternal Blossoms and Uldum, so about four Vessels. Completing this stuff in War Mode gives higher rewards, but those vary looking on your faction and therefore the War Mode bonus at the time. Adjust your numbers accordingly.

If you want to collect more Vessels and additional equipment available for single farming equipment or adventure with friends, you can plan your available time based on the above information. According to the information learned by MMOWTS in the PTR, only by doing so can you get the highest collection efficiency of Vessels. Of course, after the patch is officially released, the actual situation in the game has changed, and MMOWTS will improve the relevant content based on the latest information. Follow the official website of MMOWTS, and you can get more information about World of Warcraft and WoW Classic, you can even buy safe and Cheap WOW Classic Gold there to save a lot of time to study the game itself.

It is not technology that prevents World of Warcraft from further development, but time

For Patrick Dawson and his colleagues, the release of Battle for Azeroth was a very meaningful event. In nearly two years, they have put a lot of effort into starting this most successful new expansion of MMORPG. As the technical director of World of Warcraft, he said something very interesting. He believes that for this game that has been running smoothly for 15 years, Blizzard's technology is now mature enough, and adding any new content is not difficult. But the difficulty is how to make the game as satisfactory as possible in a limited time. The premise of improving the game is that the improved results cannot disappoint those old players and needs to be interesting enough to attract new users to join them.

Obviously, Battle for Azeroth completed this task perfectly. In this expansion, players need to go to the forgotten islands of Kul Tiras and the lost troll empire of Zandalar later in the game to fight for new military power for their respective factions and ultimately save the world. For new players, this is a very good opportunity to understand the Cheap WOW Classic Gold war between the Horde and the Alliance. For those old players, restarting a large-scale war can always be exciting.

Years of labor went into making the content countless players saw for the primary time yesterday. But while Blizzard will devote many resources to bug fixes and community support as players flood into Azeroth for the game's seventh expansion, many members of the Blizzard development team are already looking to the eighth.

"From the technical end, we usually start preparing for an expansion over two years ahead," Dawson said. "So right away we'd be commencing to work on regardless of the next thing is as we usher this one out the gate. We try this because it is a lot of labor to support the live operation of a game like World of Warcraft. You have got designers and artists who are putting all this content certain two years, and that they get at some point where it goes on display for the complete world to determine. From an operations standpoint and an engineering standpoint, we do everything in our power to support that moment."

Seven expansions occurring eight is an awful lot for any game, and mutually of the largest MMOs currently operative, World of Warcraft remains a pioneer in many respects. Over 14 years, it's seen seven massive overhauls to its world, characters, story, gameplay mechanics, endgame and structure, all affecting countless players interacting with any number of various systems across the content of all those expansions.

Generally speaking, the developers of World of Warcraft concentrate on improving the game in endgame contents. In order to allow players who reach the full level to get a better game experience and more available new features, designers have to constantly stack new available content on top of existing content. Although these new contents are only available to full-level players, the resulting impact will cover players of different classes. Not only that, as new content continues to accumulate, developers need to consider the possible results of these factors the next time the game is recently modified.

But Dawson said that although these difficulties are inevitable, they are not difficult to solve, because Blizzard's current technology is enough. The real difficulty is the need to ensure the availability of old content every time a new extension is released, which is one of the top issues facing Blizzard designers. For those who have just joined the World of Warcraft Classic, WOW Classic Gold is a very important resource. You need to collect enough WOW Classic Gold to learn skills or buy mounts, and you can buy the rare equipment you need at the auction house. But it takes a lot of time to collect WOW Classic Gold. If you want to obtain a large amount of WOW Classic Gold in an easier way, I suggest you check it out on They provide cheap and safe WOW Classic Gold. With the help of a professional team, you can spend some money to buy WOW Classic Gold you need.

Path of Exile guide: Choose the build which is easy and accessible

When you enter Path of Exile for the first time and plan to start an adventure, the biggest problem you will encounter is how to decide how your character should grow. Diablo III does not confuse players, because each class has specific skills, players only need to Buy POE Currency collect equipment and gems that can further increase the damage of the skills. However, the class in the POE is almost irrelevant. What really determines the future of the character is how you allocate it on the passive skill tree. You can choose to become a swordsman when creating a character, and then assign all passive skill points to wisdom, he can use the staff to cast fireballs or frost rays on the enemy in the distance. You can also turn a witch into a melee madman, as long as you improve her passive ability as much as possible and find a suitable sledge hammer for her.

As a POE player with many years of experience, my suggestion is that you do not need to consider efficiency and intensity when playing for the first time, as long as you play the game the way you like. But there are some players who want to become more professional in a short time. They do n’t want to waste dozens of hours cleaning monsters, just because they don’t configure viable POE Builds. These players are lucky because there are many enthusiastic POE players who will share their gaming experience in the community. It is worth noting that it is best not to try to find the so-called best POE Builds at the beginning, otherwise the concepts and terminology may be more confusing than the game itself.

Normally, if you intend to spend time researching Path of Exile, you will better watch basic game guides for novices, such as the 43-minute video guide shared by user Zizaran. Although it takes a lot of time to watch the entire video, this guide can make your journey on Path of Exile smoother, because it contains all the game knowledge that players should know. Of course, if you just want to kill monsters quickly with cool skill combinations, there are some quick set of tips in the community.

One of the good things about Fall of Oriath's launch (which brings Path of Exile up to version 3.0) is that sweeping balance changes and new skills means the whole metagame has been thrown out. The community has created a lot of recent builds to play with. After doing a little searching, I chanced on YouTuber Engineering Eternity who has the fantastic beginner build guides. Though there's still some jargon to find out, Engineering Eternity solves one among the most important problems with many guides I read by walking you thru the leveling process. Rather than just showing you what the build will appear as if within the endgame, he breaks the guide into major leveling milestones, providing you with smaller, more digestible goals to figure toward.

I went along with his Scorching Ray Necromancer build, which revolves around melting enemies under a blast of the fireside and letting its damage over time ability finish them off while I progress to the following group. It's a superb build that I like to recommend anyone use because it is not overly reliant on gear. I still felt confused but I finally had a lantern that might be a minimum of illuminate the following few steps I had to require. That made Path of Exile far more accessible, and that I began to see why it's such zealous fans.

It is worth noting that MMOAH is helping many POE beginners. If you find it difficult to obtain the equipment and skill gems required by those builds, you can spend some money to buy directly at MMOAH, which saves a lot of time. You can buy almost any POE Currency and POE Trade you need at MMOAH and enjoy cheap prices and fast delivery.

If you can accept the complexity of Path of Exile, it will be the most suitable ARPG for you

For many beginners who have just joined Path of Exile, the game always seems to be shrouded in mist. I'm not referring to the kind of darkness that surrounds you when your character explores dungeons and tombs, because they only affect the vision of the character you control. As a player, you can still fully understand what you are doing on the computer screen Environment. What I want to say is that some unique systems in the game are too esoteric and complicated. Although these systems differentiate Path of Exile from the Diablo series, they also act like a layer of mist to Buy POE Currency prevent you from gaining a deeper understanding of the game. I have interviewed a lot of POE players and asked them about the skill gems and passive skill trees in the game. Many beginners said that they didn't know what help these systems can provide, and they cannot find a way to make their characters more powerful. This situation also happened when I just joined Path of Exile.

In the four years since Path of Exile was first released, I've got tried to play it countless times. I start a replacement character and, soon, abandon them because I feel overwhelmed by the sheer intricacy—the commodity-based economy, freeform character progression, and also the always nagging feeling that I'm playing it the incorrect way. But with the discharge of its massive Fall of Oriath expansion a month ago, I made a decision to do all over again, and that I have finally seen the sunshine. Path of Exile isn't a simple game to urge into, but if you follow it, you'll discover the foremost richly rewarding ARPG out there.

Path of Exile could be a theory crafter's dream come true, the sort of game with seemingly endless ways to create and optimize your ideal character. On top of a regular leveling system could be a passive skill tree that produces Final Fantasy 10's Sphere Grid appear as if a 'connect the dots' puzzle book for toddlers — and that's just the start. There's an Ascension system for further specializing your character, a Pantheon system which supplies you more passive bonuses for killing various gods and trapping their souls, the skill gems which permit you to essentially spellcraft — the list goes on. And on. And on.

Oh, and that i haven't even mentioned loot. Good lord, the loot. Never have I been so haunted by a listing stuffed with obscure knick-knacks and gizmos that i do know do something but don't have any clue if that something is even worth doing. If you're someone who likes understanding the basic concepts of a game immediately, Path of Exile can feel impossible.

It is worth noting that the publisher of Path of Exile, Grinding Gear Games from New Zealand game studio recently released a new expansion of the game, called The Fall of Oriath. The biggest feature is the addition of six excellent new acts, and you'll need to have persevered through the original four to even experience them. In addition, a new tutorial task has been introduced into the game to help players learn the basics of the game. My opinion is that these improvements did not solve the inherent problems of the game, at least they did not directly solve them. In the tutorial task, you will know which systems will help your character, but you cannot know how to use these systems. In this regard, Blizzard's Diablo III is clearly better. But when you play Diablo and Path of Exile at the same time, after a while I think you will love Path of Exile even more, as long as you can accept the unique complexity of this game. Another good news is that if you need to collect a large amount of POE Exalted Orb and POE Items in a short period of time, but do not intend to give up your work, then you can spend some money to buy them directly. MMOAH is a trusted third-party game service provider, and their professional team will provide you with the cheapest POE Currency and POE Items.

Path of Exile: Synthesis is likely to be one of the best extensions ever released

Path of Exile is one of the most popular ARPGs at present. Its last release, named Betrayal, was welcomed by players, attracting a large number of players to play online at the same time. According to the news published by the developer Grinding Gear Games on the official website, the Betrayal expansion has broken the number of concurrent players, so people regard Betrayal as a landmark expansion of Path of Exile.

Recently, Grinding Gear Games, a game developer from New Zealand, revealed news about POE's next new expansion at a press conference. Co-founder Chris Wilson said that the development team and game designers have carefully studied the behavior patterns of players in the various extensions of POE, and based on this, they have designed a new extension called Synthesis. Wilson said that Betrayal would undoubtedly become one of the most successful expansions in POE history, with more than 200,000 concurrent players Buy POE Currency attracted by the expansion. It is worth noting that this number does not include players in China and Xbox One players, which means that POE also has more potential loyal users.

With Path of Exile officially landing on the PS 4 platform, players can more easily join this free ARPG, which makes the developer Grinding Gear Games full confidence in the upcoming Synthesis expansion.

"We've seen consistent growth up to the three.0 mega-expansion, which called Fall of Oriath and therefore the Harbinger Challenge League, and since then, we've seen higher user numbers in both the Incursion and also Betrayal expansion, the one from December," said Wilson. "We're very happy with Path of Exile's growth over the years, especially now that it's a game that's been come in some form for 6 or seven years."

The boost in players comes of after Grinding Gear saw a dip with Delve, the challenge league that sent players into an infinite dungeon set in an exceedingly mine. This started back with the Incursion content update.

"During 3.30, we saw quite amount of players leaving as they played. During that league, people left at a faster rate than normal. We've got many theories as why this might be one amongst the theories is that there have been other games for people to play."

While Path of Exile contains a dedicated player base, it's the type of live-services game within which people bob-and-weave in and out looking on if the new content release meshes with how they play. And whether or not they're into it, they don't often play every single day during these three-month-long releases.

And other games do start up, and Path of Exile's audience drifts off to those. Other live-service games attract Path of Exile players still, like Warframe. This is often also not that big of a surprise — I play both Hearthstone and Magic: The Gathering — Arena, two online card games. It's easy to work out fans of action-RPGs enjoy both Path of Exile and, say, Warframe, or provides a battle royale shooter like PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds a go.

For POE developers, competitors are not just from the ARPG field. Real-time combat games like Fortnite and Warframe may also cause user churn, especially free games. According to research, when Warframe successfully expands its user base on Steam, the number of Path of Exile players has a very clear downward trend. This is not an accident. Obviously, some players often choose other POE Currency Buy games that look great when playing POE. Want to know more about the news and information about Path of Exile? You can visit the official website of MMOAH and register as a member. Not only that, you can also buy cheap and safe POE Currency and POE Items at MMOAH.

POE: Betarayal Challenge League is so attractive that you better try it

Path of Exile is a typical Action RPG. If you have ever played Blizzard's Diablo series, the POE game screen will definitely make you feel familiar. This work was developed and produced by Grinding Gear Games from New Zealand. Prior to this, Grinding Gear Games had not released many impressive games, so most people are not optimistic about the future of Path of Exile. However, since its first release in 2013, Path of Exile has maintained a strong momentum of development and has continued to Buy POE Currency attract more and more new users. It turns out that ARPG still has many potential users.

If you have not played Path of Exile, you can learn more about POE through this article. The game's operation is very simple. Players only need to control the character from killing monsters in the third-person perspective to become more and more powerful. This is very similar to the Diablo series. However, there are many different classes to choose from in the POE, and players can use hundreds of different skill gems and activate the corresponding passive skills on the complex passive skill tree according to their needs, which fills the future of each character. Different possibilities.

POE can become one of the most popular ARPGs, thanks to a team of creative developers who keep players getting more interesting and playable content. Currently, POE releases three to four new extensions each year, introducing a large number of new POE Currency and POE Items. In order to obtain them, players need to participate in a three-month challenge league. When the challenge league is over, the player's role will be transferred to the standard league, but the unique POE Currency and POE Items obtained by the player in the challenge league will not disappear. Although players need to create new characters to complete the same tasks every time they participate in the league, this process is not boring, because each challenge to the league introduces modified systems and mechanisms to make players feel the difference between each season. For some players, the unique economic system in POE is very attractive to them.

The trading market in POE is like the epitome of the free market in the real world. All the ridiculous scenes you may experience in the real market are likely to be reproduced in the POE economic system. But one of the benefits of POE is that it does not affect your reality. If you want to accumulate more wealth in POE, you can try all the skills you have accumulated in books. Sometimes the unexpected tricks you think of can make your game account's fortunes go crazy.

At first, I really intended to write about how the developers' implementation of commodity money as currency has created one of the most robust economic systems I've seen in a game, but it's surprisingly hard to truncate a five page overview into something both clear and alluring, so instead I'll leave you with this: Path of Exile is a great game that is well-loved by its community. It is initially intimidating for most people due to the number of choices it gives you and how deep the underlying systems that affect those choices go, but that is ultimately what keeps it exciting. It's also worth noting that it is completely free to play, so go give it a shot. Loyal players of POE don't miss this surprise! MMOAH is providing players with cheap and safe Path of Exile Currency and POE Items. If you have requirements in this regard, please visit MMOAH's official website and consult online customer service.

All knowledge and guidance about Path of Exile 3.6.0 patch

This update introduces a new extension for Path of Exile, called Synthesis. In this expansion, players will have a deeper understanding of the backstory of the Path of Exile universe, and they can also obtain equipment with more modifiers through synthesis.

Synthesis is the fifth expansion since the release of Path of Exile. Players can create new characters to participate in brand new POE Items challenge leagues, thereby obtaining unique skill gems and various loot, including legendary items. Not only that, players can also use Memory Nexus to reach other areas and challenge more powerful enemies. Players need a large number of POE Currency and POE Items in the new challenge league to build efficient POE Builds. MMOAH is an expert in this area, you can buy cheap and safe POE Currency on their official website.

The core of this expansion is to improve the main story and build the world, so players can gain more knowledge about the POE universe in the newly introduced Synthesis Challenge League. The player will encounter a brand new NPC during the tutorial mission. He is a ghost named Cavas, because of some accident he lost all his memory. In order to get rewards, the player needs to complete various tasks he provided and help him retrieve the memory fragments, so as to link his past and finally find the secret hidden in it.

In order to accomplish this goal, players need to Buy POE Currency break into these lost memories and activate the memory stabilizer. It is worth noting that before the memory stabilizer is activated, the memory will continue to collapse. If the player cannot kill all monsters and activate the stabilizer within the effective time, the player will be destroyed as the memory collapses. Whenever the player succeeds in bringing a memory to a stable state, Cavas stores the memory in the Memory Nexus.

In general, the monsters in these lost memories are not powerful, but players need to save time as much as possible, otherwise they will face failure. When players help Cavas collect enough memory fragments, they can form a channel to distant memories, and players will face the most powerful monsters in distant memories. After completing the challenge, players can learn the secrets and other rich rewards related to Wraeclast in Cavas' memory.

Grinding Gear released some information about the update for POE

Not long ago, Path of Exile developer Grinding Gear Games has officially released the 3.7.0 patch, which is called Legion. The members of the studio seem to be dissatisfied just after finishing this complicated and significant development work. To make this one of the world's most popular free ARPGs even more popular, Grinding Gear Games has already begun preparing for the next new expansion of POE. This news comes from the update information published on the official website of POE and the developer blog. Continue reading this article and you will learn more about the 3.8.0 update.

The studio's post in the gaming community at POE stated that players are expected to receive a new expansion of Path of Exile around August 20. It is not yet possible to Buy POE Currency determine the specific name of the expansion, but it has been determined that the expansion will include a brand new challenge league. In the new Challenge League, developers have made improvements to some of the old main content-now, all characters created by players in the same Challenge League will share state, such as Sulphite and Betrayal state. Not only that, more system changes will be introduced in the game, including the new POE Currency, POE Items, archetypes, gems and so on that you expect from a Path of Exile expansion.

If you want to learn more about the details of the new expansion, you can follow the game conference held by Grinding Gear Games in August, and the studio will introduce more details at the conference. But from the content that has been revealed so far, players can already expect exciting new content. More importantly, the developer skillfully balances the improvement of the game with the new content. In general, the 3.8.0 update of POE does not overhaul the game like Legion, but it still makes players look forward to it.

Chris Wilson, co-founder of Grinding Gear Games, said they hope POE will replace Diablo 4 in the future. To achieve this goal, the development team tried to make the game more tidy. We can get more information about POE 4.0 expansion at ExileCon in November, which will be one of the most significant changes in POE history. Want to buy cheap POE Currency but are afraid of being cheated? You need the help of MMOAH, MMOAH is a professional third-party game service provider, where you can buy cheap and safe POE Currency or POE Items.

Grinding Gear Games said that the expansion of POE's Legion should be officially ended on September 2, and then the 3.8.0 update patch will be officially released on September 6. It is worth noting that the studio subsequently declared that these dates are not necessarily accurate. Because Chris Wilson previously said he wouldn’t run his studio with crunch, which means that improvements to Buy POE Orbs some game content may take more time than planned, so the official release date of the update will also be affected. But from what we have seen so far, everything is going very well.