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Can I Start Trading With $100?

I‘ve been running a trading channel on Youtube for a while now and a lot of people ask me whether it’s possible to trade with only $100.The answer is, technically YES, you can trade with $100 because a lot of brokers have no minimum deposit requirements nowadays.But if youre looking to get rich with $100, you can forget about it because only 0.01% of traders can grow it consistently without blowing it up.To get more news about WikiFX, you can visit wikifx official website.

  However, if you want to start trading with $100, I want to give you 3 tips when it comes to trading with small accounts that is less than $1000.

You can‘t earn much from a $100 account. To those people who spam you with videos like “I turned $100 into $10,000 in one week”, they probably tried it 20 times before they get lucky this one time. That is what they don’t show you.

  When youre able to have such huge growths within such a short period of time, you would have to throw your risk management out the window.

  Often times, most traders blow all their profits out in just 1 bad trade.

  So my point here is this, treat it like a practice account. Use it to practice trading live. If you treat it like a get-rich-quick account, you will blow it up really fast.

  Also, don‘t expect to use a $100 account to quit your job unless you’re the 0.01% of traders I was talking about who is experienced enough to execute it.

  Everybody can trade with a $100 account, but not everyone can handle it properly.

  Its just like how everybody can drive a normal car but not able to drive a Ferrari at 200km/hour and still come out of it without a scratch.The reason a lot of traders blow their small accounts is that they either dont see the small sum as something that is significant to them or they over-leverage their positions.

  If you‘re only earning $2 and $4 profits from your small account, it’s easy to get impatient and fall into the temptation to increase your lot size beyond acceptable levels.

  Many traders grew their $100 to $500 in 3 months and only took 1 bad trade to wipe out their past 3 months of hard work. They just couldnt resist the temptation to increase their risk exposure to speed up their account growth.

  In fact, the smaller the account, the larger is the temptation to rush the whole entire process. If youre not careful, you will learn the lesson the hard way.

  Even if your $100 account grows by 1% a day, the ending balance and profits arent as exciting as what the trading commercials portray to you.

  Theres just too much marketing hype nowadays about starting with a small account and getting rich from it.

What is a trading genius?

How to know whether a trader a trading genius? In my opinion there is only one way to tell: is the process of making money stable?To get more news about WikiFX, you can visit wikifx official website.

  People who do not make money are certainly not geniuses. There are two types of people who make money: the first type experience much ups and downs in the process of making money. Take a look at the trading records of them and you'll see that they apply high leverages, so even a few points of market movement in their favor may convert into tens of thousands of gains in a few seconds. The second type make steady profits, and their trade records often show losses and gains taking turns: a profit of 1,000, then a loss of 300, a loss of 200, a profit of 800, a loss of 400, and a profit of 1500....but ultimately the gains outnumber losses.

  Although the general ledger of the first type of trader may appears to be profiting, sometimes even tremendously, but as long as they stay in the market, they may eventually end up losing everything someday, drawing a sad period for their trading career. This type of trader are actually no more than irrational gamblers. But in a world where one is defined by what he achieves, people tend to worship and praise those traders when they make a fortune in the market by calling them genius and masters. Yet this is simply a common myth. The reason for this type of traders to make big profits or losses is that they base tradings mostly on speculation. Every execution is essentially an all-in game, and they either make it or break it. Such behaviors and the consequences are actually backed by a wrong concept: as long as people are smart enough, they can predict the future.

  The human nature of greed cannot be completely controlled in trading, and the only way to solve this problem is by implementing a personal trading plan. The illusion that the future is predictable will make the trader obstinate and overly confident. In that case the trader's greed will uncontrollably fuel into his trading, as he seek to gain more money with even higher leverage. Suppose the trading process is funded by an endless cash flow, this approach can bring the trader huge success as long as he can afford the price of occasional losses. But the problem is however rich a person may be, he can't have such infinite wealth and with the trading method, he'll lose everything once he slip.

  Meanwhile, the second type of trader's transaction records often show impressive earning stability and fund security. Although the general ledger profit does not appear to be outstanding, it can be seen that this type of trader have good risk management plans. In the long run, these traders are bound to profit. They believe that people cannot predict the future, so the only thing you can do to deal with future risks is to prepare for it by making plans. With that, the trader's greed is also controlled within a reasonable degree. In terms of operation, they typically trade with a moderate amount of funds, and the degree of loss is limited and minimized to an acceptable range through risk management scheme. In their trading there will never be such thing as a heavy loss that cost all of the principal.

  Therefore, whether the trading is profitable, even significantly, is not the only criteria of deciding if someone is a genius trader. This is just one of the standards. What matters more is the rationality and stability of the profit method. Trading geniuses are not necessarily those who make the most money, but they must be the ones who can achieve the steadiest profits. As for those traders who often publish some excellent trading results on Facebook showing 100% winning records without losses, it's safe to say that they are genius - in cheating people.

Sterling Is Still in the ICU

Of course, we continue to pay attention to the second round of EU-UK trade negotiations that began today, but on the eve of the negotiations, the EU s chief negotiator Barnier warned Britain that should it fails to comply with its commitments, there may be a no-deal Brexit. Therefore, the financial market remains extremely worried that failing to reach a relevant agreement by the two parties will result in a Brexit without a trade agreement when the transition period is over at the end of the year. Of course, the pound may rebound if there is a dramatic turnaround, but the outlook is still pessimistic.To get more news about WikiFX, you can visit wikifx official website.

Regardless of whether the UK and the EU have reached an agreement in trade negotiations, the new coronavirus has caused the worst economic blow to the UK in 100 years. Therefore, forex traders generally believe that the Bank of England will implement negative interest rates in the future to stimulate the economy.

  In order to support the weak economy, the British fiscal deficit and even the overall debt have deteriorated seriously. At present, the overall borrowings of the United Kingdom exceeds US$ 2.5 trillion, the highest annual deficit since World War II. The related deficits and debts have skyrocketed, which only add to the already huge burden of Britain with little reserves. Therefore, it is generally predicted that the British government will increase taxes in the future with few options at hand, which will hit the economy even more.

  Affected by the above situations, the implied volatility of the three-month pound sterling is higher than the forex volatility index, while the net short position of the pound has continued to rise, both reflecting the continued pessimism of the forex market towards the pound.

  The dollar will fall in the short term due to domestic turmoil, and if the European-British negotiations really see a dramatic turnaround, it's likely that the GBP/USD will rise from the previous 1.2650 and then fall back to the 1.1960 level. Judging from the overall trend, I think there is still a chance for the pair to retest the low of 1.1400 in the second half of the year.
Since 1987, Jasper Lo has been engaged in the financial industry (forex, futures and gold) for more than 32 years and holds forex R.O., securities and futures broker licenses. Mr Lo is an expert in trading forex, precious metals and commodity futures and an basic and technical analyst.

  Over the years, Mr Lo won many individual and team sales champion awards, as well as outstanding employee awards. He was invited, as a guest mentor, to the University of Hong Kong, Guangdong Ocean University and Guangzhou Jinan University. And he was also appointed as the chief training consultant by Hantang Securities and Dongguan Securities in China.

Most Powerful and Useful World Buffs in WOW classic

Most Powerful and Useful World Buffs in WOW classic

Each player may spend some time in the game looking at the differences between WOW and Classic, and these differences are many. There is usually no LFG option in Classic, which usually finds any group instantly-the only way to get into the dungeons of your choice is to chat aloud. Dungeons and Raids have only one difficulty level-no heroes, myths, and especially no seasonal affixes. And you won't find the multi-tier achievement system in the retail version. In fact, it didn't work at all!To get more news about buy wow classic items, you can visit lootwowgold official website.

A wingside spectator may think that the game is not entertaining-everything is too difficult, boring and unfriendly. However, it is these things that attract many players. WOW Classic is not eager to achieve success and automatic action, but to think beforehand, make decisions and act together.

There are two main types of gain states in WOW: personal buffs, such asMark of the Wild for Druids orBlessing of Might for Paladins and so-called World Buffs, which must first meet these requirements. Sometimes this is not easy. World Buff has a powerful attribute increase index, which makes them the most willing to get, because each of them greatly enhances the team's attack power.

Well-dressed teams can beat Boss without a World buff, but they are absolutely essential if you want to play on TPS / DPS / HPS meters. However, they need to work hard and quickly as they need a lot of coordination and patience between guild members and even other guild members so that factions can work together and absorb as much gain as possible. As long as a player of a certain faction turns around in the head of a concrete boss, the most powerful world buff will be activated. These people are: the head of Rend Blackhand, the head of Onyxia, the head of Nefarian and the heart of Hakkar. When handing in these quest items, all players in the handover area will receive special buffs for one or two hours.

WOW Classic Players Are Frustrated at the Hostage Situation

WOW Classic Players Are Frustrated at the Hostage Situation

Now Honor went live in WOW Classic, giving PVP players an incentive to kill each other. The second phase of WOW Classics entered the Azeroth coast, bringing new content to the players so they can continue to hone. Lord Kazak and Azuregos raids have given those who have reached level 60 and can gather 40 people a chance to unlock some really powerful and unique classic WOW gold.To get more news about wow gold classic, you can visit lootwowgold official website.

For those who have not yet reached the highest level, there is a long-awaited PVP honor system. Now, as long as the opponent is within 10th level, the player who murders the other members of the other faction can win the honor. Killing the same enemy does not result in diminishing returns, forcing those who want exclusive cloaks, trinkets and potions to kill as many Taurus or gnomes as possible. In order to curb the endless killing of adventure explorers, players who participate in PVP will receive more honor than players who do not participate. You also need to participate on the PVP server to allow those who wish to secure their home in the PVE world.

Even with these measures, the second phase of WOW Classic seems to have become a slaughterhouse. PVP is usually saved for the Battlegrounds mode of WOW, where the player team can play a duel, but has not yet added it to the "classic". Fortresses such as Orgrimaar and Stormwind, as well as protected towns in the area, are surrounded by enemies who want to be honored. After leaving the security of the NPC Guard, you are vulnerable to stealth thieves or fast fighters seeking to gain honor points.

Players are flocking to social media to share their frustration at the hostage situation. Some users on Twitter are sharing their (very strong) feelings:

"Blizz forcing players off by making it nearly impossible to play... in queue today for 6 hours then logged on to a imbalanced faction pop in P2 like how is this even fun... please explain the fun in this because im missing something here."

"The phase 2 introduction to the honor system has man WOW Classic unplayable. World pvp was never meant for the amount of players currently logged onto the highest pop servers. It’s just farmed or be farmed — no real PvP gameplay happening."

"Blizz forcing players off WOW classic by making it nearly impossible to play... in queue today for 6 hours then logged on to a imbalanced faction pop in P2 like how is this even fun... please explain the fun in this because im missing something here."

Those on the Classic WOW reddit have not been kinder, fearing for their virtual lives whenever they dare to adventure outside the safety of their zones. Jokes about the death screen being a new standard, wisps for protection and conspiracy theories about balance are keeping spirits high. With more Horde players than Alliance on most servers, the good guys are struggling to fight back.

9012 ZES-LED Headlight Bulbs All-in-One Conversion Kit

9012 ZES-LED Headlight Bulbs All-in-One Conversion Kit

HEAT KILLS: Whole aluminum housing with external driver unit helps separate heat from the LED Bulb while the 10,000 RPM Powerful TurboCool fan to ensures your LED Headlight bulbs Over 50,000 hrs of brilliant continuous light.To get more news about 9012 LED headlights, you can visit iengniek official website.
EASY INSTALLATION: Can be installed in 20 mins. plug and play. These bulbs are CanBUS-Ready and will work with most vehicle's computer system without error. If you are not sure whether the right, please contact us before purchase.
LONGER LIFE: Last more than 60,000 Hours due to the External Driver. Works underwater! Rainproof driver, housing, and fan works even in extreme situations.
WARRANTY: Buy with confidence.We offer 2 year warranty and lifetime support.
Premium ZES LEDs Shine Brighter, Longer
This upgraded F2 model uses premium ZES-LEDs that are automotive-graded for superior light throw. The use of premium ZES-LEDs provide efficient lighting that shines brighter and lasts longer. If you're going to do it once, do it right. Go premium with this upgraded F2 ZES-LED Headlight Bulb.

Instantly Cool.. White
This ZES-LED Headlight bulb goes from 0-to-100% at the flip of a switch. No warm up needed. Get 9,200 lumens of full brightness instantly! 

External Driver
Superior heat reduction is achieved through the separation of the LED driver and the LED Bulb. This moves the primary heat source away from actual LED Headlight Bulb and as a result, stabilizes LED brightness and reliability. 
Heat is the #1 source of a failed LED Headlight Bulb. So a cooler bulb, means a longer lasting bulb.


Exclusive Premium Mini Size Bulb Design For Heavy Duty & Light Duty Trucks
Bulb Size: 3.2" Tall x 1.5" Wide
Input Power: 30W
Lumen Count: 5000 Lumens
Color: 6000K Bright White
Cree XHP50 LED Chips
Anti-Flicker/Anti-Radio Interference Can-Bus Ballast Included
360 Degree Adjustable Beam
Twin Roller Fan Cooling System
Aviation Grade Aluminum Housing
IP67 Water Resistant Design
Sold In Pairs
Secure Lock Connectors
5-Year Warranty
Quality Made Product
Want to improve safety and visibility while on the road? Well then, Extreme Vision has a solution. To get more news about 9004 LED headlights, you can visit iengniek official website.
These new Premium LED Bulbs offer the brightness of HID headlights, while offering a more efficient bulb at a much lower cost. These 5000 Lumen Bulbs, with a 6000K Bright White color, will make sure to brighten up any long dark road that you take your Big Rig down. Extreme Vision has also built in features like an Aviation grade water-proof aluminum housing, Fully Adjustable Beam, Fan cooling system, and an Anti-Flicker Ballast. All this technology is wrapped up with a 5-Year Warranty. These bulbs are ideal for Class 8 Heavy Duty Large Car Semi-Trucks, but can also be used in Light Duty Automobiles or Trucks. So replace those old dull factory halogen bulbs with a new set of Premium LED Conversion Kit Bulbs from Extreme Vision!

New Coronavirus Cases Drop for Second Straight Day

New Coronavirus Cases Drop for Second Straight Day 

The number of new coronavirus cases dropped for the second straight day Wednesday, but health experts weren’t saying it was time to relax. To get more shanghai coronavirus cases, you can visit shine news official website.

"This outbreak could still go in any direction," World Health Organization chief Tedros Ghebreyesus said, adding that what appeared to be a slowdown in new cases should be met with "extreme caution." 

He said he welcomed the global community of researchers for their "positive response … to come up with concrete plans and commitment to work together" to battle the virus. 

The head of the WHO's emergency program, Mike Ryan, also gave credit to what he said was the "huge public health operation in China … that gives us an opportunity for containment." Only 1% of the more than 45,000 confirmed cases were outside China, along with just one of the 1,300 deaths. 

But Ryan refused to predict "the beginning, the middle or the end" of the crisis. 

Chinese President Xi Jinping called on Communist Party leaders to keep up the fight against the coronavirus while he unveiled measures to stimulate the country’s economy, which has been weakened by the deadly virus. 

“The results are hard-won progress made by all sides,” the official Xinhua News Agency reported Xi as saying. He also noted the campaign to prevent and control the virus had reached “a critical stage that requires stringent efforts.” 

Xi urged party leaders to work toward achieving this year’s social development and economic goals, and he ordered tax cuts, rent reductions and other measures to bolster the country’s weakened economy. 

The death toll from the coronavirus was higher than that of the severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) outbreak in 2002-03, which is believed to have killed 774 people and sickened nearly 8,100 in China and Hong Kong.

Lover’s Hoax Leads to Over $40,000 Loss in 5 Minutes

Mr. Park, a businessman from Korea who has 10-year experience in investing, got “heartbroken” recently. The man who first struggled in a romance scam and then fell into the trap of forex speculation exposed the tricks of the illegal platform BCP GROUP to us.To get more news about WikiFX, you can visit wikifx official website.
  This March Mr. Park encountered a Chinese girl named Lin Meisha on the network. The girls daily care and concern deluded him that she was the Miss Right. Guided by his “lover”, they started forex trading together on the platform BCP GROUP.

  Such a girlfriend was so “considerate” and “intelligent”. She showed the profits earned from the platform from time to time, which increasingly won Mr. Parks trust to her and the platform.
This hasty relationship just ended in an unexpected way. Mr. Parks tens of thousands dollars in his trading account disappeared together with the girl.
  “They had kept me in the dark all the time from this March to July!” Mr. Park recalled that the account balance should be $41,500 at that time considering his total deposit of $17,000 and the additional profits.
At the time when Mr. Park wanted to withdraw, Lin sent the signal of “trading 10 lots of XAU/USDA will certainly gain much.” Mr. Park followed it and earned $8,600 indeed. On the same day, Lin again told him to “buy 40 lots of EUR/AUD”. But this time the balance of $43,000 in the account vanished in just 5 minutes.
  Whats worse, Lin blacklisted him and closed his account on the MT5 when he tried to argue with the platform together with her. As of press time, Mr. Park is still unable to access his remaining sum of more than $6,000.

Growing USD Ends at Punished AUZ, NZD & GBP

On Wednesday, U.S. stocks grew at the expense of the haven-associated USD, curbing its gains and punishing AUZ, NZD & GBP at the same time.To get more news about WikiFX, you can visit wikifx official website.
  Among the currencies, NZD was still reeling from the RBNZ (Reserve Bank of New Zealand) rate decision for August while GBP also suffered and became the biggest loser in the aftermath of U.K. latest GDP data which showed a jaw-dropping figure
  On Thursday, Asia-Pacific stock markets may rise as part of a sentimental echo effect after Wall Street trade. Accordingly, USD and JPY are possible to further retreat but turn around NZD's setback and put premium on AUD. Furthermore, AUD will be partly affected by the countrys jobs data for July.

BCP GROUP is displayed as “under no effective supervision” with a score of only 1.09 on WikiFX APP,which means the broker is quite risky. It is suggested to download WikiFX APP first, so as to recognize illegal brokers before trading.
  So far, WikiFX App has included profiles of more than 19,000 forex brokers around the world, while integrating broker information query, exposure, field investigation and other functions, and protecting investors funds in forex trading. Click here to download WikiFX APP: https://bit.ly/wikifxIN

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