wisepowder: Metal Sequin Fabric Cloth

Metal Sequin Fabric Cloth

8 Jan 2021 at 22:53

Variety colors, unique style design, Metal sequin fabric cloth is a new kind fabric, the spangle can bring us a new fashionable visual effect.To get more news about metallic fabric cloth, you can visit mesh-fabrics official website.
Metal sequin fabric cloth is a new fabric, with its versatility, unique texture, variety of color, durability and flexibility, metal drapery is a long term solution for today’s modern style.
It works well as a backdrop or space division without blocking sight lines. With the metallic texture, it can create the elegant atmosphere.
Metallic cloth is made up of a number of small aluminum plate, variety of colors, can be widely used as the screen, ceiling panels and other window decoration, which could easily make much favorable decorative
This kind of metallic cloth is contact by many sequins(with 4 branches)and rings, it looks like a spider, each 'leg' of the sequin works in a ring and folded back itself to secure they connect each other.
1.material: Aluminum alloy,copper,aluminum,etc
2.Flake Size: 3mm, 4mm, 6mm, 8mm,10mm
3.Standard size of the metallic cloth: 1.5m×0.45mper piece
4.Shape of sequin: Round, Sharp and square
5.Cloth Surface: Oxidization or spray-paint
6.The surface treatment: oxidization, printing ink, imaginary color coating and grit coating.


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