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WHAT IS THE FX LEADERS’ CRYPTO CALENDAR? The crypto market is a fast-moving environment, capable of changing directions in the blink of an eye. The market sentiment is one of the main drivers in the crypto market, but the events for each cryptocurrency, as well as any significant decisions by courts or governments, also have a major impact on digital currencies. In order to stay on the competitive lead lap, it is imperative that an active trader has access to a comprehensive crypto calendar. The FX Leaders crypto calendar is the combination of expert analysis and cutting-edge technology, and it is a powerful tool in any trader’s arsenal. Featuring an in-depth synopsis of all crypto-market-relevant events, coupled with valuable insights into the bearing each release has on the market, the crypto calendar by FX Leaders is a premier destination for the active trader.To get more news about crypto events, you can visit wikifx.com official website.  It is simply not enough to know when a crypto event is going to take place. Having the expertise to understand the event in itself is of paramount importance, since the technology behind this market, together with the impact it will have on your favorite cryptocurrency, and on the market as a whole, are quite complicated. That is what makes our crypto calendar unique — it provides not only the hard data, but also a contextual framework that can help improve your trading. It’s a bit of a cliché, but success loves preparation. When it comes to active trading, this means knowing ahead of time, when markets are likely to become turbulent, quiet or even chaotic. A high level of risk, reward and volatility go hand in hand — being ready for potential fluctuations in asset pricing before they occur is a tremendous upside to using our crypto calendar. So, what exactly does a crypto calendar do? A normal crypto calendar is a simple list of upcoming events, coupled with a brief item-by-item description. The FX Leaders’ FX Crypto Calendar furnishes the trader with a unique manifold functionality, featuring the following key elements: Date And Time Listings: In the markets, timing is everything. The FX Leaders crypto calendar provides a comprehensive listing of the upcoming market-relevant events, with dates and times, as they come into view. Related Cryptocurrencies: Cryptocurrency-related events can have a significant influence on one particular cryptocurrency, a number of cryptocurrencies or the whole market. Whether you are trading major cryptos, such as Bitcoin or Ethereum, smaller ones or completely new cryptocurrencies, the FX Leaders Related Cryptos feature shines a light on the cryptos to be impacted by a given crypto event, such as a new fork, a country’s decision to adopt or ban Bitcoin or other cryptos, etc. If volatility is on the way, then you will be ready, thanks to Related Cryptos. Event Description: A full synopsis of what an event is, and the impact it’s likely to have on the specific cryptocurrency, is available for every major event on the schedule, for the entire market. If you are interested in learning more about the background and context of a particular event, you will find a collection of valuable information here. Current Analysis: A current breakdown of the market/traders’ expectations, as well as the relevance of the event itself, is provided in real-time by one of our experienced analysts. Have you ever wondered how much or how long a crypto event can affect the price of one or more cryptocurrencies, and the ability to profit from such events? Well, there is no need to look any further — FX Leaders puts a variety of possible answers at your disposal. User-Friendly Format: All of the aforementioned pieces of market-related information are listed in an easy-to-use format. In fact, the data set included in the FX Leaders Crypto Calendar is presented automatically within the Live News Feed. It couldn’t be any easier to utilize the power of the FX Leaders’ crypto calendar. The FX Leaders crypto calendar furnishes the active trader with everything necessary to approach a scheduled crypto event from an informed position of strength. Simply put, it will keep you current, educated and ready to engage the Asia-Pacific, European and American trading sessions competently, 24/7. Properly aligning risk and reward is one of the most important parts of being a successful trader. Risk exposure must be managed at all times, with a close eye on both assumed leverage and evolving levels of volatility. A detailed crypto calendar can shed some light not only on potential spikes in volatility — it will also give you an indication as to which cryptocurrencies are likely to be most affected by the turbulent price action and how strong the move will be.

Active trading is an interwoven tapestry of market-related variables. News events often drive participation, which in turn influences price action dramatically. Staying on top of these events often means the difference between capitalizing on opportunity and being left out in the cold. Again, this is another aspect of the crypto calendar where FX Leaders excels. Aside from a simple look at the impact of a news item on a cryptocurrency, FX Leaders offers Related Cryptos analytics. The main digital currency most likely to be affected by an event, as well as other less-affected cryptos are outlined in this offering. If a crypto calendar listing is going to shake up certain altcoins, then that cryptocurrency can be found in Related Cryptos.

Perhaps the most important element of a crypto calendar is usability. The FX Leaders crypto calendar compliments the functionality of the News Feed and Signals features wonderfully. The first step to being ready for the unexpected is to be as informed as possible. Through the use of the FX Leaders Crypto Calendar, News Feed and Signals, you will not only know what is going on in the market, but also how to profit from the action!

Bitcoin Liquidity Is Drying Up as Crypto ‘Tourists’ Recoil From Industry Disorder

Investors have been paying more on trades because of slippage, or the difference between the expected price of a transaction and the price at which it’s fully executed, a sign of worsening liquidity, according to Conor Ryder at Kaiko. The higher the difficulty in trading, the more investors are exposed to potential volatile price swings.To get more news about crypto currency liquidity, you can visit wikifx.com official website.

This can happen due to a change in the bid-ask spread in between the time a trade is placed and filled, or when there’s insufficient order-book depth to support large orders.  Even as a rebound in Bitcoin this year made it the best-performing asset in the first quarter, a widening US regulatory crackdown and the collapse of a few crypto-adjacent banks has tempered some investors’ enthusiasm.

“It’s more indicative of the institutional reluctancy to offer liquidity in the space,” Ryder, a research analyst at the Paris-based firm, said. A lot of crypto firms don’t want to get caught in the middle of a battle between US regulators and exchanges.”

Though prices have recovered at the start of 2023, trading volumes and liquidity in the crypto market have dried up when measured over the past year amid an overall plunge in prices, which has seen Bitcoin drop about 39% — to around $28,000 — and some other coins even more. Investors retreated over that period as a string of scandals scared them away. Analysts are now particularly tuned into how smaller retail investors may behave as they’ve been an integral part of the system, helping to drive up prices during the early pandemic boom.

“The tourists are definitely gone,” said Mark Connors, head of research at digital asset management firm 3iQ. “If you’re in this, you have to understand that the volatility is there, you don’t know where it goes day-to-day, but you understand the trajectory, the adoption, etc.”

Spot volumes on some of the most popular crypto exchanges also help to tell this story. Binance, the largest trading platform, at the end of March saw normalized 24-hour trading volumes of more than $6 billion, with monthly visits of about 65 million. By comparison, Coinbase, the second-biggest, saw trading volumes of about $1.3 billion, with roughly 33 million monthly visits, according to CoinGecko data and numbers compiled by the company.

Bitcoin trading volumes have collapsed, “which inevitably makes for a more volatile market,” said Fiona Cincotta, senior financial markets analyst at City Index. “The sharp drop in volumes means that it’s easier for large orders to move the BTC prices. So sit tight, there could be more wild swings coming.”

She added: “Falling volumes points to waning appetite for Bitcoin at its recent higher levels amid easing concerns surrounding the banking sector and as crypto regulation is under the spotlight.” In recent days, news emerged that the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission sued founder Changpeng Zhao and his Binance cryptocurrency exchange for alleged violations of derivatives regulations. Binance has said it didn’t agree with the characterization of many of the issues alleged in the complaint.

“It remains to be seen how the case will impact Binance’s operations,” said Strahinja Savic, head of data and analytics at FRNT Financial. “In this context, the liquidity status quo in the crypto space has not been affected by the charges.”

Bitcoin rose as much as 1.5% on Monday and was trading at about $28,249 as of 7:15 a.m. in New York. Smaller tokens such as Ether, Solana and Avalanche were mixed.

WikiFX’s New Function: A wallet that does not require transfer fees

WikiFX’s New Function: A wallet that does not require transfer fees

The WikiFX APP has had a significant update recently. And we are delighted to announce that the new function, ForexPay Wallet, has been unleashed into the latest version of the WikiFX APP. Considering many of you are still not familiar with this new function, we will make a comprehensive introduction to it. Along with WikiFX APP, we expect that you will have a better trading experience in the future.To get more news about WikiBit App, you can visit wikifx.com official website.

What is ForexPay Wallet?  ForexPay Wallet is an E-Wallet operating on both WikiFX and WikiBit. (currently, only USDT is supported). ForexPay supports deposit, currency charging, currency withdrawal, money transfer, and payment (which can be used to purchase gold coins). This function allows users to send and receive money quickly and easily. It also allows registered WikiFX members to transfer money between each other. Why does WikiFX develop this function?

The reason why WikiFX develops this function is to enrich the functions of the WikiFX APP to facilitate users' fund transfers and transactions. Until now, the ForexPay Wallet function on WikiFX APP has already been released in later August. And it is now available on WikiBit APP as well.


To use this new function, we advise you to download the latest version of the WikiFX/WikiBit APP. Your version of the WikiFX/WikiBit APP has to be at least V2.3.2 for WikiFX and V1.6.0. for WikiBit . 2. Transfer money with others

Only intra-app transfer is supported, and no charge is required (if the password is wrong for 5 times, the transfer or payment cannot be made on the same day).

New gym floor paint done at Wolverine Community Schools

The gymnasium floor at Wolverine High School has been repainted and the school is very excited to start hosting home games to show it off.Get more news about sport floor paint for sale,you can vist our website!

"Our new gym floor looks amazing," said Wolverine Community Schools Superintendent Stephen Seelye.

Three months ago, the school's PTSO, Parent Teacher Student Organization, made the decision to move forward with this project. The project included the removal of the old paint on the floor and the repainting of the school's mascot, the Wildcats, and a new clear coat being put down.

"They will be back this week to highlight the floor with glow in the dark paint, so that when we shut out the lights during pre-game introductions, the show will be outstanding," said Seelye.

The PTSO was able to raise the $16,000 for the project in just under three months.

"We never imagined it would look this great," said Jenny Levernier, Wolverine Community Schools Administrative Assistant and Business Office Specialist. Promain UK Limited supply coatings for Sports Hall Floors, Line Paint for Sports Halls, Matt Lacquer, Varnish for Gyms, Water Based Sports Hall Floor Coatings etc.

At Promain we have been specialising in all things paint for decades. One of our key enquiries comes from people looking for sports hall varnish and sports paints. We have a fantastic range of coatings for sports halls not to mention our line paint, lacquer and varnish for gyms. No matter what the current condition of your sports hall our specialist varnishes, lacquers and coatings are ideal to give you the extra lease of life. Christmas and summer holidays are our busiest time as closures to schools mean people decide to revamp their floorings with our excellent range of sports hall floor varnish.

Our team of paint experts are on hand all year round to advise on the most appropriate sports hall varnish, line marking or lacquer to get the best result for you project. From industry leaders Coo Var through to the premier Rustoleum brand of varnish we have a fantastic selection available for immediate delivery worldwide.

Advantages of domestic connector manufacturers

Advantages of domestic connector manufacturers

Connector is a big family with many family members. It is subdivided into domestic and imported, circular and rectangular, metal and plastic, coaxial RF or high-speed backplane, etc. And the functions of connectors for different purposes are different, so it is necessary to understand the connector. Here is a detailed introduction to the advantages and disadvantages of domestic connectors and imported connectors.Get more news about cjt connector,you can vist our website!

Chinese connector manufacturers have advantages in the following aspects:
Cost and service advantage

China's domestic labor market is lower than that of Europe, America, Japan and Taiwan. The management personnel of domestic connector enterprises are localized and the cost is low; Although some factories, including Europe, America and Japan, are located in China, there is still a certain gap in labor cost per unit output due to the influence of corporate culture, business philosophy and internationalization of management personnel. It still has obvious advantages over domestic enterprises in terms of service concept, delivery cycle and response speed.
At present, more than 1 / 3 of the global connector market is in China, 3C and automobile market, and Chinese system manufacturers have had a certain impact on the global market. The nearby supporting facilities and tracking services can help domestic connector manufacturers further expand their advantages in the future competition pattern.

Change in technology gap

Under the current market environment, the technical threshold of one of the connectors in the 3C field is high frequency. Domestic manufacturers have made breakthroughs in the fields of USB socket, HDMI connector and DP. In recent years, the development of China's mobile phone and small household appliance industry is very obvious. There is demand when there is a market. With the popularity of mobile Internet, connector components have developed well, and some have completely replaced foreign products.

Home appliance field

As far as I know, the largest connector brands in the market include: te Tyco, MOLEX, Amphenol Amphenol, FCI Framatome, Foxconn Foxconn, Yazaki Yazaki, hrs Hirose, Sumitomo Sumitomo Electric, JST Japan voltage terminal, Jae Japan avionics, Delphi Delphi, foxlink Fugang electronics, luxshare precision, ket Korea terminal industry Co., Ltd, Lotes precision electronics, jonhon AVIC optoelectronics. These are relatively well-known connector brands in the market. Domestic cjt can be compatible and replace most of the above brands. The substitution compatibility rate of products is up to 90%. Compared with the characteristics of imported connectors, such as high price and long delivery time, domestic connectors can supply goods with lower price, equivalent quality and faster to meet the production needs of various enterprises.

Impact of trade war

This factor is difficult to control. Since the United States launched the trade war, the tariff of many imported connectors has increased by 20%, which is fatal for many enterprises, which means that the production cost has increased, the competitive advantage of products has weakened, and the price rise is on the one hand, but it is more fatal in case of supply interruption. It is impossible for domestic connectors to have such a problem. Stable time and fast delivery are the great advantages of our domestic connectors.

Nike Launch All New Free RN 5.0 & 3.0 Running Shoes

Nike Launch All New Free RN 5.0 & 3.0 Running Shoes

Nike's 2019 Free Running Collection is bringing in their most barefoot-like feel models to date. To buy more Nike Free Run with cheap price, you can visit shoesnewest official website.

The Nike Free has been designed for runners completing lower distance routes, so the models' foam cushioning in the midsoles is firmer, flatter and lower to the ground – delivering greater connection and more natural range of motion than before. Nike have used data mapping to test out varying depths to where the foot naturally wants to bend and stretch to enhance the feeling of movement and to allow for more natural foot motion. 

Both models are lower to the ground, with The Nike Free RN 5.0 sitting 2mm lower and 26-percent more flexible and the Nike Free RN Flyknit 3.0 1mm lower to the ground than the 2018 models.

Both shoes featue minimal uppers complete with a thin-stretch mesh with a minimal lacing system for the 5.0 and a lace-less Nike Flyknit with a secondary lock-down overlay for the 3.0. Design lines following the natural shape of the foot are included to mirror the research put into the models, with the smaller Swooshes symbolizing the shoe’s shorter-distance design. Check out the alternate iterations of both silhouettes below.

Operar con el patrón de vela envolvente

Los aspirantes a traders a menudo se complican demasiado la vida, investigando estrategias complejas o llenando sus gráficos con un sinfín de indicadores. El buen trading no consiste en crear gráficos atractivos. Algunos de los mejores traders del mundo no tienen una gran capacidad de lectura de gráficos.To get more news about forex, you can visit wikifx.com official website.
  Una forma sencilla y eficaz de participar en los mercados, que también es perfecta para las personas que operan en su trabajo diario y no pueden dedicar mucho tiempo a seguir el mercado, es centrarse en los patrones envolventes a bullish y en los patrones envolventes a bearish.
  El patrón de velas envolventes se compone de dos velas consecutivas y esencialmente indica una inversión del impulso. Una imagen vale más que mil palabras, así que aquí hay dos imágenes que ilustran el patrón:
Izquierda: Patrón de vela envolvente a bullish | Derecha: Patrón de vela envolvente a bearish
  La esencia del patrón de entrada de velas envolventes es que el cuerpo de la segunda vela cubre todo el cuerpo de la vela anterior. Por supuesto, si tanto el cuerpo como la mecha de la primera vela están cubiertos por la vela envolvente, la señal es aún más fuerte.
  Sin embargo, los mercados financieros rara vez se adhieren a criterios precisos. Por lo tanto, en la práctica, tendrá que modificar ligeramente las reglas para detectar y negociar patrones de velas envolventes que sigan siendo válidos aunque no sean perfectos. He aquí algunas pautas:
  Mechas: las velas envolventes deben tener mechas cortas. La longitud total de las mechas no debe ser superior al 33% de la longitud total de la vela. En otras palabras, la mayor parte de la vela debe tener cuerpo real. Las mechas largas representan una indecisión más que una dirección sostenida. Algunos traders prefieren utilizar una definición más estricta de mechas que no superen el 25% o incluso el 20% de la longitud total de la vela.
  Cuerpos: aceptamos una configuración si al menos el 90% del cuerpo de la primera vela está cubierto por el cuerpo de la vela envolvente.
Entender la Jerga de las Velas
  Las velas japonesas son formas útiles de representar la información de apertura-alta-baja-cierre de periodos de tiempo (minutos, horas, días, semanas, meses, trimestres y cualquier cosa entre ellos).
  Cada vela representa un periodo de actividad de precios de la periodicidad elegida. Las velas pueden ser a bullish o a bearish. Una vela a bullish muestra un cierre más alto que su apertura y normalmente se muestra sin color o rellenada con un color típicamente “positivo” como el verde. Una vela a bearish tiene un cierre más bajo que la apertura y se suele colorear en negro o con algún otro color “negativo” como el rojo.
  Cada vela consta de dos componentes: el cuerpo real de la vela y la sombra. El cuerpo real es la parte gruesa de la vela que representa la apertura y el cierre. Las líneas finas por encima y por debajo del cuerpo real son las sombras (también llamadas mechas). Estas sombras representan los extremos del precio de la sesión (máximo y mínimo).
  Ahora conocemos la teoría detrás de los patrones de velas envolventes, y sabemos cuándo y cómo romper las reglas. Ahora podemos sumergirnos en patrones de velas envolventes del mundo real, tomados en una simulación en vivo con ForexTester durante 2020, operando con el par de divisas EUR/USD.

El primer ejemplo es de noviembre de 2020. Muestra el tipo perfecto de patrón de vela envolvente a bearish.... a pesar de que el comercio terminó con una pérdida. No obstante, este ejemplo es útil para ilustrar la clave detrás de la teoría envolvente:
  En el día 1, el mercado registra un fuerte día a bullish.
  En el día 2, el mercado intenta superar el máximo del día anterior, pero no lo consigue, y los vendedores entran en el mercado desde los máximos y empujan agresivamente el precio a la baja.
  En el día 2, los vendedores pueden registrar un cierre fuertemente a bearish, en el que los compradores no son capaces de defender el mínimo del día anterior.
  Esta es la esencia del patrón de velas envolventes: un claro fracaso en la superación de un máximo del día anterior, y un cierre diario en o cerca del mínimo del día anterior (para un patrón de velas envolventes a bearish, por lo que sólo hay que invertirlo para un patrón de velas envolventes a bullish.
  Aquí hay otro ejemplo de patrón de vela envolvente a bearish, tomado del 20 de octubre de 2020. En esta ocasión se puede observar cómo sólo el cuerpo del día anterior fue engullido. Y sin embargo, el resultado fue extremadamente favorable.
  En DailyForex.com, nos gusta mostrarte cómo recorrer el camino. Por lo tanto, para este artículo, hemos operado diariamente con patrones de velas envolventes en el par de divisas EUR/USD durante el año 2020. Esto se llevó a cabo utilizando ForexTester en el modo de sólo avance (por lo que es lo más cercano a las condiciones en vivo como sea posible).

投資騙案翻倍 30人痛失千萬

據相關報導,較前年相比,香港警方去年接獲的相關案件已增加到2倍不止,涉案金額也飆升逾4倍,超過2.6億。近日,約30名市民中伏,被游說集資炒外匯。初時都是稍有微利「甜頭」,其後集體「爆煲」,損失由40萬到70萬不等,總共涉款已達千萬,也已有受害者報警求助。To get more news about 外匯投資, you can visit wikifx.com official website.
  經香港警方查證,此兩間涉事公司都沒有在香港證監 會註冊,有關代理人也不是持牌經紀。當被問及此事時,代理人曾強調自己與涉事公司並無關連,他也是去年9月透過朋友介紹在此證券商註冊開戶才發覺有錢賺,後來成為代理人。
  警方發言人指,旺角警署在1月25日也接獲一名男子報案,說有人於社交平台游說他進行外匯投資,他按指示將約16萬港元存入指定賬戶後懷疑受騙,於是報案。經警方初步調查得知,該案件中 共有28名受害人,損失金額超過49萬美元。此案件暫列作以欺騙手段取得財產,由旺角警區刑事調查隊跟進,暫未有人被捕。


Власти Грузии решили не отставать от мира и также разработать национальную цифровую валюту.To get more news about цифровая валюта, you can visit wikifx.com official website.
  На этой неделе Центробанк Грузии заявил, что начал рассматривать варианты создания цифровой версии лари. По мнению регулятора, новый платежный инструмент позволит повысить доступность финансовых услуг и облегчить отправку средств в любую точку республики.
  О сроках пока ничего не говорится, но Национальный банк Грузии решительно настроен на цифровизацию экономики. По этой причине банк выразил свою готовность следовать трендам современного мира и сотрудничать с финтех-стартапами, которые могут помочь в создании CBDC.
  WikiFX - бесплатное приложение о Форекс-индустрии для трейдеров по всему миру. Все о рейтингах брокеров, трендах рынка, разоблачениях и многом другом в одном приложении.

Naa-access na Mga Paraan ng Pangangalakal sa Forex na para sa Iyo!

Bagaman ang pangunahing pagsusuri at pag-aaral ng panteknikal ay karaniwang mga paraan upang kumita, maaari silang kumplikado sa karaniwan. Sa kaibahan, ang Action Action Trading ay may mga taktika na nabuo ayon lamang sa mga pagbabago sa presyo na ipinakita ng K-line. Maraming mga karaniwang form at pamamaraan ng kalakalan ang ipinakilala sa pamamagitan nito:To get more news about Pangangalakal, you can visit wikifx.com official website.
  (1) PinBar
  Ito ay isang form na nagtatampok ng tulad ng ilong na istraktura na may kilalang kisame o presyo sa sahig, isang sitwasyon kung saan tinatantiya ng presyo ng pagbubukas ang presyo ng pagsasara.
  Ang isang paitaas na “ilong” na nakita ng PinBar ay nagpapahiwatig ng isang paparating na pagbaligtad ng trend kasama ang isang pagtanggi ng presyo, na markahan ang tiyempo upang maging maikli.
Panahon na upang magtagal sa pag-angat ng pagtaas ng presyo at isang bullish OutsideBar.
  (3) Sa Loob ng Bar
  Ni ang pagbubukas o pagsasara ng presyo ng mga tsart ng bar ay lumampas sa dati nilang mga katapat.  Ang isang pangkat ng InsideBar ay isang tagapagpahiwatig ng patuloy na pagsasama-sama ng merkado, at ang presyo ay maaaring yakapin ang isang breakout sa isang tiyak na direksyon.
Ang mga signal ng InsideBar ay napakalakas. Higit pang mga piraso ang nagaganap, mas maaasahan ang InsideBar.
  (4) Maling Breakout
  Ito ay tumutukoy sa isang breakout sa takong ng isang nasubok na presyo na may isang mabilis na pag-urong sa merkado na nagtatampok ng paghinto ng takbo pagkatapos ng breakout. Ipinapakita ng form na ito ang mahalagang punto ng pagikot sa merkado na maaaring magbunga ng ilang pangunahing mga pagbabago.
Ang lahat ng nabanggit sa itaas ay bahagi lamang ng Pagkilos ng Presyo ngunit sapat para sa iyo upang simulan ang iyong pangangalakal!
  Mag-download ng WikiFX upang makakuha ng mga aralin mula sa mga dalubhasa na nakipagpalit ng forex sa loob ng higit sa 20 na taon :

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