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Path of Exile: May announce next expansion plan on June 2

At 12:26 pm on May 27, 2020, André Linken-development studio Grinding Gear Games is about to announce the next expansion of the path of exile. According to the current plan, it should be ready by June 2, 2020-next Tuesday. However, so far, there are hardly any specific details. We only know that the next expansion of the path of exile will continue the POE Currency system, which has always been the love of players.

Since the beginning of this year, it has been known that the action role-playing game "Path of Exile" will undergo some expansions this year. Over the past few weeks, the subject has become very quiet. But now, the responsible developer studio Grinding Gear Games has renewed its vitality.

As a producer on revealed, the next expansion of "Path of Exile" is coming. More specifically, it should be held on June 2, 2020-the next Tuesday. However, it is not clear how many details. Allegedly, the size of the unknown extension is about the same level as "Incursion" or "Blight". Among other things, some new game mechanics, and of course more armor and weapons, can also be expected. However, when the new expansion is announced next week, there will be no specific release date.

It remains to be seen whether Grinding Gear Games will or will stick to the original road map for exile by 2020. In fact, there should be a total of four expansions, but due to the current corona pandemic and its impact on the gaming industry, this may be problematic.

Because of the epidemic, it affects the global real economy. It isolates everyone at home. No one goes out to parties or take part in activities. To suppress the further spread of the epidemic, the merchants have to close their doors and shut down. You can still play games at home, meet their friends or family in the game, players are still playing on the path of exile, because this is their only fun at present, they buy POE Trade On Xbox in the game , to play in the game Play specific skills and get more fun. No matter when the expansion of the path of exile will begin, its heat will not decrease.

‘Path of Exile’ Expansion Development Affected By Coronavirus Lockdown

Gear Games, the maker of "Path of Exile," may have brought back the necessary equipment to continue the game, but this does not mean the difficulties caused by locking and working from home and away from the creative team.

According to Game Rant, the "Path of Exile" expansion plan was released in June this year. However, the regular expansion schedule and patch releases that the game follows are completely unaffected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Instead, POE Currency is getting hotter. The titles of other "Grinding Gear Games" games, such as "Risk of Rain 2", have also suffered from slow development.

Although this is not ideal, it may be better if it is expanded later. The developers have set a tentative release date for the expansion of the game, which is June 24, but it is not clear whether they can complete it before this deadline. However, due to delays, players can expect developers to provide higher quality results.

Game developers have found that corona virus lock-in is bad for businesses, but it also has a good side. According to an epidemic impact report released by Channel News Asia, video games like Nintendo Switch's "Animal Crossing: New Horizons" may provide a new way for family and friends to party.

People who are quarantined at home can easily get bored because they have nothing to do. This gave birth to gaming services like Steam and video streaming platform Twitch. In this case, the "record-breaking number" displayed by the platform is mostly due to personal use and a large number of players logging into the platform.

Although most developers hope that the game can run normally in the current situation, it seems that this "stay at home and wash hands" work model has gradually been accepted by the public.

The current "Path of Exile" may seem large, but its developers see it as a challenge. They remind fans that even if the latest version is completely completed at home, they can expect to enjoy a higher quality gaming experience.

Players can still experience the fun of the game itself at home games. They cannot go out to parties or participate in activities.Buy POE Exalted Orb from the store will increase the fun of this free game. It will also increase their confidence in the game.

Raidel "Joke" Brito won the 2020 Madden Bowl

The only problem with every attack is which gap the defender will hit. This philosophy completely subverts the passing happiness of today's NFL. "Madden 20" cover player Patrick Mahomes has just won the Super Bowl by throwing a bomb. However, this is obviously a strategy that can win the "Best-Best" Super Bowl. In the madden 20 game, MUT 20 Coins is a weapon that allows us to show the "best" side.

Last Saturday, Raidel "Joke" Brito won the 2020 Madden Bowl, the last game of EA Sports' "Maden 20" championship series, with a prize of $ 65,000. He did it without even throwing the ball into the air. Every offensive game begins with the transfer of the Hall of Fame to Gale Sayers, one of the former players in the game.

A competitive game with such a high prize money may sound ridiculous, but, as Brito explained to Yahoo Sports, the game's mechanics changed the only running strategy into a winning strategy, increasing the intensity of practice. Brito's strategy is to balance the roster structure and make the game friendly, and each team needs to spend a lot of money.

Usually, players will invest a lot of money in the quarterback. Brito took the opposite route. He rotated between two QBs, the Washington Redskins pitcher Tress Way and the former New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning. Manning is the quarterback, but Brito says he uses the worst and cheapest version.

As Brito pointed out, he is not the only one using this strategy. This is a well-known possibility in the highly competitive "Blasting" community. He used a similar script in the tournament, and there were five other players, but he was the only one who made it work after recently turning the meta game to pass.

Brito said: "In the last game, everyone thought it was a valuable choice." "I remember ... when EA dispatched all competitors of all teams, many people saw my team They are actually laughing at me and saying that I am one of the worst teams.

"I remember a good friend of mine saying, 'I can't believe you did that, it's too bad.' I told him that I will score enough points." When you see Brito's defense, you will find him That's right. When we are in a weak position, we can use buy mut coins to reverse the situation. It will let you show your ability in the game and you will no longer be laughed at.Link:

The special villagers in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Besides Nook miles Ticket, the most topical topic in Animal Crossing: New Horizons is over 390 different villagers. Each villager has a unique appearance, house and representative language. The longer the time, the animals traversed the community and found some villagers’ characteristics that made them very popular. Below we will list a few representative villagers popular in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

If we compare the animal crossing to a royal family, then all the village names are members of the royal family and Raymond will be the king. So far, Raymond is the most popular villager in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. His heterochromia is cool, and because of this, his eyes have a unique color. He usually wears business-themed clothing, which is striking compared with other villagers. The top cherry is his Smug personality type, which is the rarest of all personalities, and Raymond is even more special.

If Raymond is on your island and finds that he wants to move out, it means you will have a rare opportunity to set up a bank. Because of the uniqueness of Raymond, thousands of players will let them come to your island and persuade Raymond to migrate to their own island at the cost of thousands of Bells. Because of this, “Raymond is in the box” is a meme.

The Marshal is like Raymond in that he has a smug personality, a more neutral color scheme, and a unique face (his side eyes and wavy mouth are prominent). He is not as popular as Raymond, but many people think he is the cutest of all animals crossing the village.

Like Raymond, you can make a lot of money by “trading” him with other players. His price is not high, but the marshal still has to pay a penny. Although, let us be a reality: how can you say goodbye to cute faces like this?

Audie is a very interesting example, she is also popular because of uniqueness. The origin of her name is her 87-year-old grandmother Audrey (Audrey), who spent over 3,500 hours on the “animal hybridization: new leaves” rescue plan. The name of Audrey’s mayor in the game is Audi, which is also the name of the villager Audi.

There are other reasons for Audi’s popularity. Her appearance is cool, and the orange and yellow colors make her look like a flame, in stark contrast to the blue sunflower shirt. She also has great house decorations, and her house is like a bar in a tropical resort. She was very active, a vivacious villager, and a person easy to get along with.

Some of these special villagers need cost, and that is the bell. If you don’t have enough bells, you can get them through affordable shops.At:

Vikings in Last Place in NFC North in The Checkdown's 2020 Madden Simulation

People at The Checkdown are currently using the Madden 20 video game (updating the list after the draft) to simulate the 2020 NFL season. Halfway through the season, the Vikings were in a bad situation. In the past ten weeks, their record is 3 wins and 6 losses, ranking last in the NFC North. If you want to defeat in the game, it is not impossible, Madden Coins is your stepping stone.

The Packers led the division 6-3, the Lions led 5-4, and the Bears led 4-6.

At the start of the season, the simulated Vikings lost to the Packers 34-28 in the first week and started under difficult circumstances. Then they went to Indianapolis to face Philip Rivers and the Colts, and someone told me 44-15 that if Mike Zimmer gave up 78 points in the first two weeks, his defense would be a bit frustrating.

The Vikings defeated the Titans in the third week and achieved their first victory of the season, but the subsequent defensive dilemma continued, and they lost 41-20 in Houston next week. Ouch. In the Sunday night football match of Week 5, the Seahawks struggled to lose to the Seahawks 27-24. These video games The Vikings fell to 1-4, but rebounded after defeating the Falcons at home. 2-4 entered Goodbye Week.

In the eighth week, the Viking Pirates basically watched their division champion hopes shattered. In Lambeau's Packers lost to the Packers, they beat the top opponents 27-2. The defeat of the Lions in the second week provided some life for the Vikings, but then lost to the Bears in the 10th week and suffered a terrible defeat.

That's the situation now. The Vikings entered the last seven games of the year 3-6. They must drop by at least 6-1 to make the playoffs, which seems unlikely given their poor performance. Four of their six losses have lost six points or less, so I want to be frustrated at TCO Performance Center. When you feel strenuous in the game, you will find how much influence buy mut coins can make you turn the tide in desperation,you can experience it now.Link:

All You Need To Konw About New Event In Animal Crossing

During the ongoing pandemic blockade, Animal Crossing gradually became popular. Most players describe the game mostly with ease. However, some people expressed frustration with the game because it took a lot of time and hardly showed it. Nevertheless, "Animal Crossing" is a great game. If you do n’t want to spend too much time, then Nook miles Ticket is your best choice, it can save you time while enjoying the game.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons announced their latest activity. Although this new event will not be as big as other events, it will encompass everyone. The event is closely related to the International Museum Day on May 18 and is called the stamp rally. The main content of the Stamp Rally is that you will visit the museum on the island for a whole week to collect postage. This is the reason for spending time enjoying Blathers' excellent work.

Thanks to TagBack TV, we have a comprehensive understanding of the event. The incident is direct and does not require much explanation. All one has to do is go to the museum and talk to Brathers. The instructions provided will help us collect all suitable stamps. Next, you must visit three different pavilions in the museum, which are the fish, insects and fossils exhibition.

After visiting these places, you must collect some stamps from the philatelic booth. The location of these stamp booths is different for each player. One must find all three stamp kiosks to collect these stamps. Once you add it to the collection, please go back to Blathers and he will provide rewards.

After collecting all the stamps, Blathers will reward you, and you will receive three specific golden plaques. Bugs, fish and fossils will be added to your collection. You can nail them in your own room to decorate the house in Animal Crossing.

The biggest advantage of this activity is that it can be reused. You can repeat this operation for each room in the house. In this way, each wall will have that shiny golden patch. This is a nice event, it reminds us of the fun of collecting stamps in the past. However, it is not ruled out that there are players who are afraid of cumbersomeness, and they think that it takes some energy. We recommend that you go to a safe store to buy the bells. You do n’t have to go through the tasks step by step, which allows you to spend more energy on the game itself. Link:

Path of Exile: Das sind eure liebsten Pets, Portale, Rüstungen und Skins aus dem Shop

What items can you buy on the path of exile? The popular Hack and POE Currency can provide you with purchase funds. You can buy special effects and skill effects and special weapons for your character, thus making you special in the game.

In addition, there are some mysterious boxes, that is a box containing random items, it can also help you hide some loot. But this box will not give you a clear advantage because you cannot use it to buy actual things. The Path of Exile has always been a hard game.

What are the most popular items purchased by players? Grinding Gear Games released the top ten most popular games in 14 categories. We did some screening for you. You can find the complete list in the official Poe forum. Inside we introduced the most popular pets in the store, portals, armor and weapon skins.

The list shows that Weta Pet is the most popular among players. Part of the reason is that it is very cheap, and you will get a free mystery box when you buy it in the store. Cats are also very popular. Who doesn’t want to be accompanied by floating swords like “Xianjian pet” and “Innocent sword pet”?

The popularity of portal effects that you can purchase depends on the age of those effects. The higher the ranking, the longer the portal effect will exist. However, if there are random portals and more available effects, it may change this state.

The same is true for armor ranked in the top 10. For example, the “Hell Armor” skin was launched in 2015 and is still at the top of the list. Celestial armor and Stig armor are significantly newer and struggling upward, showing that this situation can be changed. We can also find that more and more players like POE Exalted Orb, because this can improve their efficiency in the game.

You can also miss weapons on the path of exile skin. Obviously, the bigger the more popular. This can at least explain why the huge Crypt Sword and Colossus Sword occupy the first place in the top 10.

Animal Crossing players will restart in tens (or hundreds) of hours

Christina Lau spent more than 200 hours on her animal crossing: New Horizons Island. She rebuilt the mountains again and again. She transformed her island from a New York-style city into a pink marshmallow garden. In order to improve efficiency, she made a time travel, made hundreds of bait to catch some rare fish, and used millions of Animal Crossing Bells to pay off all loans in case of emergency.

But she is still not happy. One night, she was trying to get a panoramic view of the cliff. Ten minutes later, she told Polygon that she started "yelling uncontrollably." Therefore, she decided to reset the game and start again.

"Animal Crossing: New Horizons" is a relaxing social simulator. The player acts as a visitor who arrives to build a house on the new island. In the process of building their own houses, player characters can make friends with cute animal neighbors, change their islands to make them more beautiful, and buy cute clothes. It is a relaxed and low-pressure dating game with no typical stress. But for some players, the pressure to live in such a customizable world still exists.

Lau tweeted to Polygon: “It ’s stupid because it ’s just a game hanging around with sheep and flowers. I hate everything I build. I miss the early years when I just had to worry about planting trees and looking for new villagers . "

Therefore, Lau restarted her entire game. She has just opened the gate of the museum and feels very good about her second attempt. She is not alone-other New Horizons fans started from scratch and burned dozens or even hundreds of hours in the process.

She told Polygon: “My thoughts have never made me feel good, especially compared to the images I saw on Twitter. It ’s especially stressful to see people talking about this topic online,” “I I want to go back and play "New Leaf" because that game always disappoints, partly because I can't tear everything away and decorate anything. "

Molinas said that as beautiful decorations and clever layouts are becoming more popular on social media, the pressure to build a perfect island is increasing. Because it takes a lot of time and tools, he is ready to restart the game, and then he will choose to buy props directly in the store to build the island. Link:

Univision Celebrates the Return of Bundesliga; Madden NFL 20 Bowl Wraps Up With Finals on May 16

The content displayed on the screen provides an overview of the current development of sports programs. In this week ’s edition, major networks such as NBC Sports, Fox Sports and ESPN are fighting the silence of previously unpublished, recorded or archived sports activities that have not been broadcast live. Many networks continue to produce content for live recording studios.

After the top league Bundesliga ended in March, the live football game returned to the undisputed American football home TUDN. TUDN ’s coverage of the league ’s return weekend will include TV broadcasts of some matches on UniMás and TUDN networks, as well as TUDN ’s preview game FútbolCentral, which will be broadcast before the match.

The league will continue where the game stopped on March 13, and the Tuton giant Bayern Munich led the game with 55 points, followed by Dortmund (51 points). Only Frankfurt (Eintracht Frankfurt) and Bremen (Werder Bremen) have the remaining match days (a total of 10 match days). Each match is very important because the mistakes in the match may make Munich lose the 29th Bundesliga championship. Mistakes in competitions occur frequently. In Madden 20, you can use mutcoins to avoid mistakes as much as possible.

Eight of the world ’s best Madden NFL players, including the number one MCS points leader and the youngest player in the history of highly competitive Madden who won the EA Major, will compete to advance to Madden on Saturday, May 16 In the NFL 20 Bowl Finals, only one player will win the coveted Madden Championship Series and win a prize of $ 220,000. The competition will feature Madden NFL legends and casters Michael "Skimbo" Skimbo and Ryan "RG" Glick comments, and will provide real-time analysis and colors in each final. The temptation of bonuses is just as much as MUT Coins in Madden.

ESPN will broadcast the newly announced virtual racing series Red Bull Homestretch from Thursday, May 14 to June 18 (Eastern Time), this week will be broadcast on the ESPN app and, and the rest of the series will be broadcast on ESPN2 And broadcast on the ESPN app.

The interesting virtual race trends produced by Red Bull Media House will enable real-world racers from multiple disciplines to race with people who have no experience at all, including famous celebrities, musicians, athletes and media characters.

The Red Bull home game series broadcast by ESPN is part of its commitment to unite the sports world through the oneteam program.

There will be 10 drivers participating in this race every week, most of which are professional players of all races, they will never share the track in the real world.

Monetization In ‘Animal Crossing New Horizons’

In recent weeks, I have been recommending "Animal Crossing New Horizons" to the families I work with. As I said before, it frees us from the chaos of the real world and goes to a beautiful environment. It also gives us the opportunity to establish contact with friends who cannot meet.

With the release of the game and acceptance by most families, it has become one of the fastest-selling games on the Switch. But many people are asking me what is the recommended price of the game?

Even if the game is a multiplayer game, how many copies do you need to buy? This is not a common problem. However, if you have children who want to run their own island, you need to consider this before trying to cross an animal intersection. Players who do not want to spend a lot of money can get the items you need through at, which is a safe and reliable way.

Unless they are happy to play a supporting role on the island of siblings, most children will want to own a piece of land to command. This means you need two copies of "Animals Crossing New Horizons". If you want them to play and visit each other's islands at the same time, it also means that you need two Nintendo Switch consoles.

In our home, we solved this problem by making a digital copy of the game and two switches. Unlike moving cartridges between systems, the digital version allows you to have separate save files on each system (and therefore separate islands). Then, you can visit each other ’s islands in a local multiplayer game, but because you are using the same game, you cannot play online at the same time.

If the money is too much, I usually recommend families to choose an older version of Animal Crossing. If you have Wii in your home, you can use the cheap version of "Animal Crossing", or they can also play other games, such as "Farm Together", "Star Valley" or "Wandering Paradise".

Another factor that helps parents and caregivers evaluate the value before buying is how Nintendo plans to monetize the game in the future. The ESRB rating includes notifications that the game will include in-game purchases. As the site expands, "contains in-game offers for buying digital goods or gifts using real-world currencies." As Nintendo increasingly makes money from in-game transactions (according to Eurogamer, its lifetime revenue is $ 1 billion), these additional purchases seem likely to appear soon.

In contrast, the PEVI rating of New Horizons does not have the same in-game purchase notice. I conducted a close inspection with the VSC classification committee and confirmed that this was not an error. However, it seems unlikely that some regions will get in-game purchases, while others do not.

A more useful one is Animal Crossing Bells. In this mobile version, you can purchase air tickets and celebration packages. There are subscriptions on iOS, Android, and Pocket Camp to provide fortune cookies for random items at a price of $ 7.99 per month, or to help villagers at a price of $ 2.99 per month.

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